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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Otivar, Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama Natural Park

Following the road from Almuñecar, parallel to the Rio Verde towards the Sierra del Chapparal, wedged between the slopes of the hills of Los Guájares and Almijara, you can find  Otívar, in whose ‘Old Town’ can be seen the Iglesia Parroquial (parish church) with Moorish styling, and the Casa Principal del Cázulas.

Olivar is known to have had human settlements since prehistoric times, proof of which is a necropolis of the Bronze Age found in the outskirts of the town. Situated between the hills of Los Guájares and Almijara, it had a stable Muslim population until the Islamic wars and the Christian reconquest of the region, after which the Moors were expelled.

In the nineteenth century the town achieved special prominence through the work of one of its mayors, Juan Fernández Cañas, also known as el Tio Caridad or ‘Uncle Charity’, who organized a guerrilla band to fight the French. Over the last two or three decades Otivar has developed an important agricultural activity in the growing of early specialty fruits and tropical plants.


Iglesia Parroquil (Parish Church with Mudejar styling).
Casa Principal del Cázulas.

Archaeological Sites

Bronze necropolis (close by).

Town planning

Unique small centre.

Otívar Gastronomy

Otívar offers its visitors a cuisine typically Andalusian, which has been successfully adapted to the influence of the many different cultures through the area.
The typical local food is of great quality, variety and flavor. Among the featured dishes that visitors can enjoy are:
Choto with Garlic
Migas (casserole with meat and breadcrumbs)
Fennel stew
Sausage with rice
Speciality Sausage
Grilled meat
Fresh fish
Sierra Honey
And of course not to be forgotten, a typical tradition of our region is Tapas, where visitors can sample the best recipes in the town in small amounts, all accompanied by delicious local wine.
All these dishes can be found taste in the various local restaurants.


Exit Granada towards: Armilla – Motril – E-902 – A-44. Pass Armilla, Pass Orgijares and Alhendín. Take E-902 / A-44 direction N-323 – Motril. Take the exit towards: Exit 139 – Otura – La Malatia. In the outskirts of Otura , turn left: A-4050 to arrive in Otívar.

Distances from Otívar

Itrabo 9.5 km
Órgiva 47 km
Motril 26 km
Molvizar 14 km
Granada 62 km
Salobreña 24 km
Velez de Benahudalla 30 km

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