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Villages in Sevilla

Palomares del Río

Villages in Sevilla

Palomares del Río

The town of Palomares del Río is located to the southwest of Sevilla, on the eastern edge of the region of Aljarafe and leaning over the river Guadalquivir.

The urban area sits in the canyon that is drawn between the Guadalquivir and the River Pudio. Palomares urban development has not occurred on the coast road (east), but inward, towards the River Pudio. The topographic features have impeded historically the growth towards the north.

The oldest settlements date back to Roman times due to the remains found
In the period of Al-Andalus it would be a farm, from which the current population.
The Christian conquest was carried out, together with other nearby nuclei by Fernando III. After the conquest it would increase its importance.

Palomares del Río Monuments

Church Ntra. Sra. de la Estrella
Torre contrapeso de molino Hacienda Casa Alegre
Torre contrapeso de molino Hacienda Ulloa
Torre Mirador Hacienda San Rafael
Torre contrapeso de molino aceitero Hacienda Santa María
Torre contrapeso de molino aceitero Hacienda Santa María
Torre contrapeso de molino aceitero Hacienda Santa María
Nave y huerta Hacienda de Córdoba
Portada Hacienda Casa Alegre
Hacienda San Rafael
Hacienda Casa Alegre y El Molino
Hacienda Santa María
Hacienda Ulloa
Baños Árabes
Hacienda de Regla
Hacienda de Regüela
Yacimiento Arqueológico Carramolo
Yacimiento Arqueológico El Capitán
Yacimiento Arqueológico La Regüela
Yacimiento Arqueológico Ugena

Palomares del Río Gastronomy

Cocido con tagarinas. Guisantes a lo que sea. Cúcharo (bread, oil, vinegar, egg, tuna and onion). Chicken with almonds. Papas a lo pobre. Conejo de habas.

Sweets: Roscos amelaos con azúcar. Tortas de aceite, manteca y naranjas. Poleá.

How to get there

From Sevilla, take the SE 660 towards Gelves and Coria del Río.
From Portugal and Huelva by the A 49 is connected with the SE 30 and then take towards Gelves – Coria del Río by the SE 660.

Distances from Palomares del Río

Pilas 26 km
Sevilla 12 km
Almensilla 6 km
La Puebla del Río 9 km
Sanlúcar la Mayor 20 km
Castilleja del Campo 33 km
Mairena del Aljarafe 3,5 km

Palomares del Río Town Hall

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