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Paradas Casa Escalera

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Casa Escalera – House of the Culture

The House of the Culture is located in C/ Larga, few metres from San Juan de Letrán Hermitage and from the Parish Church of Saint Eutropio, in the locality of Paradas.

This beautiful building was built at the beginning of the 20th century and its first owner was Fernando de la Escalera Vasco. In a short time it was purchased by Francisco Ruiz Martinez who transferred it to the General Captaincy of Seville during the Civil War.

In 1939 the aforementioned Captaincy renounced its possession in favour of the City Hall of Paradas for its usage with educational purposes.

From the 1950´s onwards it would be intended as Scholar Group where primary studies will be attended until the beginning of the 1970´s, when the Department of information and Tourism created the Teleclubs  with the purpose of increasing the television diffusion and as a fundamental instrument to promote the popular culture.

Because of the high number of readers in the Municipal Public Library, Paradas received a pilot teleclub whose central office would be this ancient Scholar Group with the endowment of furniture, library, audiovisual media and other equipments necessary for its starting.

At the end of the 1970´s the coordinating function of these centres passed to the hands of the Department of Culture and the Teleclubs became Houses of Culture with the only objective of promoting any aspect related to the Culture in general, an attempt that in
Paradas was supported by the Neighbour’s Association “Poet Perez Barrera”, the cultural centre “El Maicero”, the Parents Association, the Women Association –before “Galalea” and now “El porche”- the Flamenco Cultural Group  “Miguel Vargas”. “Altogether” Association and the following municipal services like the Public Library, Radio- Television Municipal, Point of Municipal Equality—Entities that have had their central offices in this building throughout its history.

Casa Escalera

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