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Paradas Gregorio Marañón Gardens

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Gregorio Marañón Gardens – Paradas

The Gregorio Marañón Gardens are located next to the Parish Church of Saint Eutropio and Saint Albino Hermitage, in the village of Paradas.

The location of the present “Gregorio Marañon” Gardens; together with the Abastos Market, the Scholar Group of Infant Education and the Day Centre for Adults, is placed in the ancient “Vegetable Garden of the Holy”, land that the City Hall of Paradas acquired in 1956 to be incorporated to the Public Thoroughfare.

Some years after an important work of remodelling was carried out that would change completely the town-planning of the locality while connecting this zone with the commercial centre of the town by means of the demolition of the house number 34 of “Padre Barea” Street –since 1961 known as André Vinneboeuf Street- and with the “Santa Cruz” Street, doing the same with the numbers 8 and 10 of that to giving way to the present “Murillo” Street.

In the middle of the 1960´s, as peak of the town-planning of the ancient vegetable garden, the gardens would be inaugurated with the domination of the distinguished doctor, historian, scientific and writer Mr. GREGORIO MARAÑON Y POSADILLO (Madrid, 1887-1960).

This reform of the urban constituted not only one of the most important advances in the traffic communication of our town but also during many years these gardens would be the children’s recreation park that, among doves and swings, put the cheerful and merry note in the sunny afternoons of Paradas.

On October 24th of 1998 the City Hall, in the posthumous homage of the singer of popular songs Miguel Vargas, inaugurated and allegoric monument to the singer –a work of the Sevillian sculptor Juan Britto- that since then figures as a new and beloved corner of Paradas for the dignity and remembrance of a person who so many times showed proud the name of Paradas through all the folksinger geography.

Gardens of Gregorio Marañón, Paradas

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