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Monuments in Sevilla

Paradas Saint Albino Chapel

Monuments in Sevilla

Saint Albino Chapel – Hermitage

Saint Albino Hermitage is located in the village of Paradas within the precincts of San Albino Secondary School.

The Hermitage of Saint Albino is one of the three hermitages that have had Paradas throughout its history. According to what we can read in the Glories of Paradas, Saint Albino enjoyed a reat fervor among the natives of Paradas because during the Feast in 1758 it was placed in the High Altar of the Parish Church next to Saint Sebastian (co-patron of Paradas) Both flanking Saint Eutropio.

In the second half of the 20th century worships stopped celebrating and on March 11th of 1966 the City Hall of Paradas, after paying 13.000 pesetas to the Archiepiscopal Mithras, purchased the building. The image of the Virgin of Los Remedios would remain in it for several years until May the 13th of 1969 when it took place its move to the church of Saint Europio in solemn procession.

From 1978 onwards its dependences – although in a precarious state – would served as a room of numerous uses by the “Luis Vives” School (Second Stage of E.G.B).

In January of 2003 the project of rehabilitation of the buildin started an, when it was restored, it was inaugurated on December the 17th of the same year becoming a Cultural Acts Room although respecting its structure with one only nave.

Among the popular manifestations, Paradas guards a pleasing memory of the 1940´s because this hermitage was the starting point of the Virgin of Los Remedios in its pilgrimage to Palace Mountain during the six years that its pilgrimage lasted.

Chapel of Saint Albino Ermita de San Albino

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