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Monuments in Sevilla

Paradas San Juan de Letrán Chapel

Monuments in Sevilla

San Juan de Letrán Chapel – Hermitage

The hermitage of Saint “Juan de Letrán” is possibly the most ancient throughout the history of the locality of Paradas. Its existence is documented, at least, from the beginning of the 16th century and that is why it is not crazy to think that it was built by Mr. Juan Ponce de Leon in its titular Saint’s honour.

The Hermitage served sometimes as a chapel of the hospital that had attached –long time ago it held numerous ills infected with a grave epidemic- and originally it was a building in the mudejar style, of one only nave and with perpendicular nave to the original, covered by a airy Baroque cupola until conforming an inverted L-shaped floor.

Its interior was destroyed in the dawn of the Civil War, and not used for the worshiping. In the year 1924 the hermitage was auctioned and acquired by the City Hall and later, demolished except for the 18th century section covered with cupola, ancient chapel of the Christ of the Vera Cruz, integrated from 1997 in the building of the Town Hall after the restoration of its lateral façade by the House of Crafts “San Juan de Letran”.

Since then it shows elegant to one of the most beautiful corners of the locality (Saint Juan de Letrán Square) contemplating from the memory a space that long ago occupied the original image of the Virgin of Los Remedios, a square that was also Abastos Market, a Lodging House for the visitors, a fountain that formerly was called “of the ducks” and a path to cross it full of histories and secrets native of Parades.

Hermitage of San Juan de Letrán, Paradas

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  1. manuel cobano escribio:

    Quisiera saber en que año se derrivó la ermita, yo nací en el año 1952 y creo recordarla.

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