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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


Paradas is a town that belongs to the countryside, near El Arahal, in a landscape of hills and flat land devoted to cereal farming and arable crops. The only interesting monument is the Parish Church of S. Eutropio.

Paradas is located on one of the promontories that punctuate the longitudinal step of the countryside, in particular establishing between the stream El Manco and the one called Albina de Doña Juana, two tributaries of Guadaira. Slopes are smooth in the central areas of settlement and more pronounced on the slopes of the hill, especially to the northwest and southwest, where values are reached around 20%, constituting a genuine barrier to the extension of the town.

The first settlements date back to Roman times. It appears that there was a Roman settlement called Calla.

From the period of Al-Andalus there were only found some traces.

Its origin is due to the place where the caravans made stops for animals to drink. The town was founded in 1460 by D. Juan Ponce de León, Marquis of Cádiz. King Henry IV granted a Town Charter to found in “The Stops” a villa. It was populated by Christians from Astorga and León. It still preserves some linguistic styles and surnames of the area.

It belonged to Marchena until the year 1781 when it would obtain the independence.

Paradas Monuments

Parish Church of Saint Eutropio
Saint Albino Hermitage
Hermitage of Saint “Juan de Letrán”
Casa Escalera (House of the Culture)
Gregorio Marañón Gardens

How to get there

From Sevilla, take the A 92 motorway once you have passed Arahal, to 6 kilometres far from the exit to the town by the county road SE 211.

From Malaga, take the motorway A 92, once passed Osuna, to 38 kilometres far from the exit to the town by road SE 211.

From Madrid by the Nacional IV, once passed Ecija, to 8 kilometres, take the exit at km 456 that goes to Marchena via highway 364, on the outskirts of the town travel on the road SE 217.

Distances from Paradas

Sevilla 52 km
Utrera 33 km
Carmona 29 km
Marchena 9 km
La Lantejuela 29 km
El Viso del Alcor 33 km
Alcalá de Guadaíra 40 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 21 km
El Balcón de los Alcores 35 km



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  1. Juan Francisco barrera castillo escribio:

    El pueblo de mi padre y mis abuelo e ido una sola vez me gustaría ir para saber de mi familia

  2. pilar cañete fuentes escribio:

    que lineas de autobus desde Sevilla para llegar a paradas

  3. Guillermo escribio:

    Bonito pueblo,tengo parientes que viven alli,mis saludos vale!

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