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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Partaloa – Almanzora Valley – Almería

The people from Partaloa is located in the Valle del Almanzora, close to Albox, Cantoria, Fines, Oria and Olula del Río. Nowadays it is too land for so few people, but generous with its neighbours, friendly, holidays and work enthusiastic, in great need of investment to recover a more active past in the field of agriculture.

Its 52,50 km2 and its 400 inhabitants enjoy the peace and natural beauty of a valley with white clay lined with hills covered with a continuous layer of chipboard stone quarry, where erosion has been digging many hollows and caves that welcomed at the time the first men and nowadays this natural landscape offers a fantasy show because of  its special nature, although not without a future danger because of the possible detachment of some rocks on the surface near the centre (are the known “organs” that surround the town).

Throughout its history it appears with various names: Carsaloba, Cartaloba, Cantalobo, Paralobra, in the Bula of 1505 it appears as Partaloba, name that will continue until the late XVIII, and in the XIX century it will appear with the present name.

After the Christian conquest it will pass through many different hands either by transfer or purchase. The Catholic Monarchs give Partaloa to Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoza who will appoint keeper to Muhammad Valenci. In 1501 it would be sold to Don José Álvarez de Toledo and Osorio Córdoba y Guzmán, owner of the domains of Cantoria and Partaloa. In the year 1515 it would be sold by the Duke of Cantoria and Partaloa to Don Pedro Fajardo by two and a half million maravedíes, 150 were for buildings and fortresses and the rest by the 470 vassals who were between the villages at the rate of 5.000 maravedíes each one. Pedro Tortosa was named governor.

They are noteworthy traditions of “farras”, celebration of festivals of friends linked to food and drink, or “La Cencerrá” feast which is celebrated with songs, sounds of cans and pans the night when a couple is married and one of them is widow or widower.

Partaloa Monuments

Parish Church.


Migas. Puchero. Olla de segadores. Egg soup. Gurullos (pastry, water and oil to form crumbly small balls).
Remojón. Pelotas. Choto a la pastoril. Pig’s trotters with ratatouille. Trigo guisado. Fritada de sangre. Hornazo.
Sweets: Roscos de aguardiente. Orange cakes. Almendrados. Suspiros.

How to get there

You have to exit Almería towards: N-340 – Murcia – Ronda de Almería – A-92 – Granada. Then take the exit towards: Salida 453 – Viátor – Base Militar La Legión – A-92 – Guadix – Granada. At the roundabout, take the Salida 4 and continue along: A-92. Take the exit towards: Salida 373/376 – Tabernas – Murcia – N-340a. Pass near Tabernas, Benitorafe and Macael. In the area around Olula del Río, turn right: A-334. Then turn left: A-399. And you get Partaloa.


Suflí 24 km
Albox 12 km
Almería 92 km
Cantoria 8 km
Purchena 20 km
Olula del Río 14 km
Huércal Overa 35 km
Armuña de Almanzora 25 km

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