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Paterna de Rivera

Villages in Cadiz

Paterna de Rivera

Paterna de Rivera is located in the centre of Cádiz, in the Ruta del toro, Andalucía, Spain. In 2005 this town had 5.354 inhabitants, an area of 14 km² and a population density of 382,4 inhabitants/km².

The town is near Alcalá de los Gazules, Medina Sidonia and Jerez de la Frontera.

The origins of Paterna de Rivera are marked by the benefits that the medicinal waters have given. From the Neolithic the area was inhabited by the different villages that follow in the history of Cádiz. In the Roman period the abundance of remains like mosaics, graves and coins from Gades tell us about the attendance of families from Cádiz to the baths of Gigonza, a famous place due to its medicinal waters and near our town.

After the Romans, Byzantines and Visigoths arrived this town. The Muslims, after disembarkation in the peninsula, made good use of the baths of La Fuente Santa and Gigonza, as well as the fertility of the lands in Paterna, calling the place “Valle de los Baños”.

From the Christian conquest, the pasture of Paterna belongs to Enríquez de Ribera, gentlemen Alcalá de los Gazules and its municipal district, whose descendants, from D. Per Afán de Ribera in 1444, are developing their country house. The definitive foundation of Paterna will take place in 1503, by D. Francisco Enríquez de Ribera, who erects its Council – Town Council.

In the XIX century takes place in Paterna several significant events. On one hand the visitors start to arrive with the inducement of the mildness of the waters in Gigonza and La Fuente Santa during the baths seasons, from June to September.

On the other hand we can mention the cattle fair in September that adds prestige to the cattle raising production in the area.

And finally, we also have to mention the total emancipation in 1825 of Paterna from the town council of Alcalá. Nowadays, Paterna de Rivera follows with the tradition and bases its economy on the cultivation of the land and the farm, bovine and horses exploitation, with a great value and a world-famous brand. It is famous because of its fighting bulls, located in the centre of La Ruta del Toro, and palurda – retinta, as well as its thoroughbred Hispano-Arabic horses.

Guadalcacín Dam

Paterna de Rivera Monuments

Parish Church of Ntra. Señora de la Inhiesta
Monument of “La Petenera”
El “Perro de Paterna”


La Ruta del Toro – El Paraíso del Venado: This route has together with its local colour and its artistic monumental character with a great value, the singularity of its fighting bull livestock that graze in the lands, representing the fighting bull, in its natural area, an appearance of unusual beauty.

Paterna de Rivera Gastronomy

In Paterna de Rivera the most important products come from its agriculture and hunting. It is typical the stew of artichokes with hum and huevos picados, golden thistles, the snails with fennel, coriander and pennyroyal, and the cabrillas. Partridge, rabbit, venison.

How to get there

You have to exit Cádiz and continue in: N-443, then take the AP-4. Turn right: CA-3113. Alleyway of Azahares. In the roundabout, take the exit 2 and continue: A-408. Alleyway of Torre Alta. In the roundabout, take the exit 2 and continue in: CA-3200. Then you get Paterna de Rivera.

Distances from Paterna de Rivera

Cádiz 45 km
Sevilla 125 km
Córdoba 259 km
Ronda 111 km
Medina Sidonia 9,5 km
San José del Valle 15 km
Jerez de la Frontera 36 km
Alcalá de los Gazules 17 km
La Barca de la Florida 19 km

Paterna de Rivera Parish Church

Paterna de Rivera Town Hall

Cultural House

Constitución Square - Paterna de Rivera

Trubute to the workers of Paterna de Rivera

Paterna Sources and Springs

Suertes del Bastio Fountain

Suertes del Bastio Fountain - Paterna de Rivera

Cañada Honda Fountain

Remedios Spring

Remedios Spring - Paterna de Rivera

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