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Path Mountains of San Jorge

Trails in Malaga - Best Trails & Routes in Málaga

Path Mountains of San Jorge PR-A 353 – Villanueva del Trabuco

The Path Mountains of San Jorge is located in the Andalusian municipality of Villanueva del Trabuco.

We have the opportunity to discover the delights and natural values of the Mountains of San Jorge starting at the Fuente de los 101 Caños (Fountain of the 101 Spouts), following a path of a singular beauty. The karstic morphology and the shapes giving evidence of this modeling of the earth are, doubtlessly, one of the great attractions for hikers.

The wild scenery of the mountains makes it difficult to climb San Jorge´s top. During the climbing, and as we go ahead on a lapiaz of sharp limestone, we can enjoy fantastic views over the basin of river Guadalhorce and of the mountain range south of it.

Once we reach the top of the mountains, the views southwards are to the Axarquia and the Pico de la Maroma, in the Mountains of Tejeda and Almijara. The path is less steep and makes it easier the climbing, arriving to a big dolina which collects the rain water falling on the subsurface aquifer. As an example of this phenomenon, we can see the Lagoon of San Jorge, which is the accumulation of water in the bottom of the dolina that could not be drained inward.

As we leave the big dolina, which could be considered as an uvala due to its dimensions, we keep on climbing, passing through the mountains towards the mountain pass giving access to the immediacies of Sierra Gorda. As we follow this route we will find a chain of small dolinas found between the rough stones which form the lapiaz of the mountains.

During the descent we should be very careful, following the water course towards the thick pinewood at the feet of the mount. Once we leave this place we will go on to the left reaching the Realenga de Alfarnate, also known as “camino del camping” (Camping way) and we will descend by the mountains of San Jorge and Gorda, enjoying the views of the town Villanueva del Trabuco.

Villanueva del Trabuco Town Hall

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