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Villages in Huelva


Villages in Huelva


Paymogo is a town belonging to the region of the Andevalo, near the border with Portugal, and the Judicial District of Valverde. It has a population of 1247 inhabitants according to official figures 01.01.1998, is spread over an area of 212.9 km2, and is located 80 Km from the capital. The municipality limits with Santa Bárbara de Casa, El Granado, Puebla de Guzmán and Serpa (Portugal).

The landscape consists of farmland and oak areas making it ideal for keeping pigs, and hunting.

Although we can be certain, from the testimonies found, that these lands were populated in distant times, the story of Paymogo actually starts in the mid-thirteenth century when it was conquered by the Templars.

The momentum of Paymogo in the nineteenth century came from the pyrite and iron-copper mines Romanera, Del Agua, Condesa and Preciosa, but after they closed the town became a rural population.  Its development is based on agriculture, livestock, and forestry. Its livestock include pigs at double the provincial average, sheep at three times the provincial average, and goats. Honey, pollen, gurumelo, la turma, and other products complete the list of agriculture / gathering activities.

Paymogo Monuments

Santa Maria Magdalena Parish Church, seventeenth century

Archaeological Sites

Paymogo Castle

Urban Sites

Casa de Vaz de Soto, the seventeenth century.
With a front of Baroque style pilasters (columns).

Granary, seventeenth century.

Paymogo Gastronomy

Game dishes, “las salmorejos”, rice with rabbit, and gurumelos are the highlights of their cuisine.


Leave Huelva in the direction of Gibraleón – San Bartolomé de la Torre. Follow the signs to Alosno. Pass through Alosno and proceed to Puebla de Guzmán. Follow the signs to the town.

Distances from Paymogo

Alosno 34 km
Huelva 77 km
Sevilla 150 km
Cortegana 68 km
El Almendro 32 km
Cabezas Rubias 28 km
Puebla de Guzmán 19 km
Santa Bárbara de Casa 16 km
Sanlúcar de Guadiana 54 km

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