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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


Pedrera is situated in the northern foothills of the cordillera betica, close to the Sierra de Becerrero, in the comarca (region) of the sierra sur sevillana, 111km distant from the capital. It is well connected to the A-92, also has its own railway station that maintains rail connections with Seville, Malaga and Granada through regional commuter trains.

The municipality has an area of 60.32 km 2 and its altitude above sea level is 458 metres and its more than five thousand inhabitants enjoy a typical Mediterranean climate.
Of ancient origin, as evidenced by the finding within its area of archaeological remains from the Chalcolithic period, Pedrera was denominated BARBA in the Phoenician era and then under Roman rule, in a seemingly stable growth, well established as a settlement, and was renamed ILIPULA MINOR, and was dedicated to the exploitation of the land. These urban settlements would remain active during the Visigoth era. In the times of Moorish domination the town was reduced to a village or farmstead united with Estepa, as annexed after the Reconquista.

The name Pedrera reminds us how, in medieval times, the town had become a supplier of cannonballs for the first artillery cannon which used stone as ammunition, those from the area were renowned for the excellent quality of local quarries engaged in the development of these missiles. Another version known is that for the restoration of the castle of Estepa and construction of the road leading from Etepa to Seville Pedrera quarries were exploited to provide the necessary material. From either case could emerge the actual name of Pedrera, in the sierra sur sevillana.

In 1557, Pedrera obtained royal privilege to be able to establish an Ayuntimiento, becoming a town. Later, in 1837, with the suppression of the “senorios jurisdiccionales”, it was to come under the control of the Marquis of Estepa, and was converted to a Constitutional Ayuntamiento.

Pedrera Monuments

Parish Church of San Sebastian
Chapel of Our Lady of Carmen
Chapel of Santo Cristo de la Sangre
Casas Senoriales (Stately Homes)


From Sevilla by the A – 92, in the direction of the Arahal, and once past Osuna, at Km 93 is the exit to the SE 486 Gilena which leads to the town.

From Malaga to Antequera, you go to la Roda de Andalucía which joins with the country road SE 497 leading to Pedrera.

Distances from Pedrera

Sevilla 111 km
Osuna 23 km
El Saucejo 29 km
Sierra de Yeguas 21 km
Fuente de la Piedra 20 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 45 km
Moron de la Frontera 62 km

Pedrera Town Hall

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