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Water Dams in Jaén

Pedro Marin Dam

Water Dams in Jaén

Pedro Marín Dam – Reservoir

Pedro Marin Dam is located on the Guadalquivir riverbed, in the municipalities of Ubeda, Baeza and Jodar, in the Andalusian province of Jaen.

This reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir, area of Jaén and was built between 1947 and 1955. It started its operation in 1955.

The Pedro Marin reservoir has a capacity of 19 hm3.

Dam type: Vibrate concrete and coated bloks, gravity and straight plant.

The height above foundation is 32 m and the crest lenght is 190 m.

This reservoir has a average rainfall of 586.7 l/m2.

Pedro Marin Purpose-Objectives

* Electricity
* Fishing

Pedro Marin reservoir is part of the IHA (Inventory of Wetlands of Andalucia). Alto Guadalquivir – Natural Area – SPA (Special Protection Areas for Birds).

Pedro Marín Dam - Reservoir

Pedro Marín Dam - Reservoir

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