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Monuments in Sevilla

Peñaflor – Church of St. Peter the Apostle

Monuments in Sevilla

Peñaflor – Church of St. Peter the Apostle

The Church of St. Peter the Apostle is located in the Plaza de España (Square), in the Sevillian town of Peñaflor, a few meters from the Antonio Machado Municipal Library and Archive, and the City Hall building, also just few minutes walking from the Monastery of St. Louis of the Mountain.

This building has been declared a Site of Cultural Interest. It was built in the baroque style, just as the baroque became neoclassical. Construction started in 1780 on the site of a mudejár church that had had to be pulled down after the damaged it suffered as a consequence of the Lisbon earthquake. It was finished in 1801. The first phase was carried out by the architect Antonio Matias de Figueroa, with Antonio Caballero from Écija, who cut the north and south facades, acting as master builder. The second phase started after work stopped in 1788 due to a problem with the structure of the dome.

Work was resumed in 1794 under the direction of the architect of the diocese of Seville José Echamorro, who finished and put up the tower. The temple has a plan of three naves and a flat façade. The naves are covered by hemispherical (vaída) vaults and the transept by an elegant dome over pendentives, decorated with plaster mouldings. Outside the dome looks like a drum with windows with a half orange on top, built with bricks arranged horizontally in a serrated fashion. This is topped with a lantern decorated with estípites, obelisk-shaped columns. Inside the highlights are a 16th century image of Christ crucified, situated at the base of the nave of the Epistle, the altarpiece of the Capilla Sacramental (Sacramental Chapel), which is worked in gold in the full baroque style and decorated with barley-sugar columns and panel paintings in oil, whose iconography refers to the mystery of the Rosary. The organ in the high part of the choir is also notable. It was installed in the church in 1801.

Peñaflor - Church of St. Peter the Apostle

Church of St. Peter the Apostle

Peñaflor Town Hall

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