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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga

Periana – Alta Axarquía Region

The municipality of Periana is situated in the comarca (region) of Alta-Axarquia, on the slopes of the Sierra de Alhama, near to the Zafarraya gap, on land gently sloping down towards the region of Vélez, in which the La Viñuela Reservoir adds a touch of colour to the environment. Surrounded by fruit orchards and olive groves, it is famous for its peaches and for the high quality oil produced on these lands.

Its origin as a municipality dates back to 1761, and it was partially destroyed in the earthquake of 1884.

The town of Periana is at 550 metres above sea level, is 23 km distant from Vélez and 48km from Malaga city. The area’s average annual rainfall is 620 l/m2 and the average temperature is 16 º C.

Periana Monuments

Baños de Vilo
Huerta de Antonio Díaz
San Isidro Labrador Church
Puente (Bridge)
Antigua Lavadero Municipal (ancient washhouse)
Cerro de Capellania (hill or height)
Cerro del Fuerte

Periana´s Gastronomy

Periana´s cuisine is rich and varied. The olive trees of these lands of Verdial variety produce the best oil in the world, with a special color and aroma. It is made in the mills of the town. It is considered of extraordinary quality, giving a special and unique flavor to its dishes. In addition, Periana produce peaches of the best in Spain.

For those who love good food, they are offered a traditional and home made cuisine based on the recipes of our grandmothers. The main ingredients are products from our land, watered by rich waters, matured in the sun and seasoned with our excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Some of the dishes that you can taste are: gazpachuelo, crumbs, asparagus soup, cachorreñas, parpuchas, oil cakes, Roman bread….


From the Autovia Mediterraneo (A-7, N-340) take the A.335 towards Velez, do not enter the town but continue along the road to Alhama de Granada. On arriving at El Cruce turn onto the A-6118, leading to the town.

Distances from Periana

Nerja 47 km
Malaga 54 km
Vélez-Málaga 25 km
Alhama de Granada 39 km

Periana. San Isidro Labrador Church



Periana Town Hall

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