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Presas de Embalse en Caceres

Petit I Dam and Reservoir

Presas de Embalse en Caceres

Petit I Dam and Reservoir

Petit I Dam was built in 1850 on the bed of Pontones River, municipality of Arroyo de la Luz, Extremadura, Spain.

Petit I is a gravity dam type with a height from foundations of 16 meters and a crest lenght of 183,6 meters.

Petit I Reservoir belong to the Cuenca del Tajo and has a capacity of 1 hm3.

Uses of the Reservoir



Other nearby reservoirs

Salor Reservoir | Guadiloba Reservoir | José María de Oriol Reservoir

Distances from Arroyo de la Luz

Cáceres 22 km
Aliseda 14 km
Alcántara 44 km
Casar de Cáceres 18 km
Sierra de Fuentes 34 km
Navas del Madroño 18 km

About Arroyo de la Luz

Arroyo de la Luz, is located about 20 km west of the province capital (Cáceres), framed within what is known as Penillanura Cacereña, a gently sloping landscape area that extends from trujillo to the east, to the immediate vicinity from the town of Brozas to the west and from the riverbanks of the Tajo and the Almonte to the north to the Sierra de San Pedro to the south.

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