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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada


Píñar is in the province of Granada in southern Spain, situated to the northeast of the capital (Granada), about 44 km distant. The municipality limits with Iznalloz, Domingo Pérez de Granada, Guadahortuna, Torre-Cardela, Gobernador, Morelábor and Darro.

Of its most remote past, archaeological deposits give evidence in the caves of ‘Carigüela’ or ‘Carihuela’, in Las Ventas and del Puntal, and Tajo del Aguila, all having remnants of a distant past, as in all the Hoya de Guadix and the entire region, all of which manifest the importance of this territory in the birth of the first cultures, which then would inevitably lead to the Iberian peoples. A region steeped in history, medieval remains also speak of the strategic role played by the stronghold at Pinar, a Moorish castle which is now a national monument.

The town was formerly known as Villa del Pinar. The settlement of the region dates back to prehistoric times, as attested to by the archaeological remains found in the caves of Las Ventanas, which are much visited by cavers, and in La Carihuela, where many important archaeological remains have been discovered, including a Neanderthal skull.

The region was a border area during the Middle Ages, and frequently suffered from incursions by Christian soldiers, operations of harassment and violence that Spanish riders stationed in Cazorla made on the Muslim lands of Guadix. Within the region are the remains of a Moorish castle, declared a National Monument, an important fortress which played an important role in the final moments of the Nazarite kingdom of Granada, before being taken by the troops of the Catholic Monarchs.

La Cueva de las Ventanas was opened to the public in the spring of 1999, having been declared a natural monument of Andalusia, and receives more than 45,000 visits per year, due to its prehistoric value and their prominence.


Medieval Castle
Church of San Pedro the Apostle
Cueva de Las Ventanas (cave)

Piñar Gastronomy

In Píñar you can try ‘migas cortijeras’, lamb ‘a la campesina’, hare soup and rolls, kid with garlic, casserole with pigs trotters, among many other dishes.


Pinar is some 44 kilometers away from the capital, Granada. Take the A-44 towards Almeria to the turn off for the A-308. Passing Iznalloz, and follow signs to Piñar.

Distances from Píñar

Granada 44 km
Moreda 12 km
Diezma 30 km
Iznalloz 11km
Poloria 17 km
Colomera 35 km
Montejícar 28 km
Gobernador 15 km
Guadahortuna 24 km
Dehesas Viejas 20 km
Benalúa de las Villas 26 km

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