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Villages in Granada

Pinos Puente

Villages in Granada

Pinos Puente, Vega de Granada

Pinos Puente is an Andalusian town located in the northwestern part of the Vega de Granada (Granada province), southeastern Spain.

The town borders the municipalities of Illora, Moraleda de Zafayona, Chimeneas, Cijuela, Lachar, Fuente Vaqueros, Chauchina, Atarfe and Moclín.

The most important towns within the municipality are: Pinos Puente, Casanueva, Zujaira, Valderrubio, Fuensanta and Trasmulas.

Also worthy of note are villages such as Daragoleja, Daimuz Bajo, Daimuz Alto, Anzola, Bucor, Buenavista, Torre Hueca, etc.., each with 50 inhabitants or less.

Of historical importance in the distant past in the area where is now Pinos Puente, there are remains of the Roman city of Illurco, on the heights of Los Principes.

The history of the town runs parallel to that of Granada, which is very close. The chronicles of the towns bridge indicate that it was for a considerable time the only Visigoth bridge in Spain, although it is also said to have been built by the Moors in the tenth century, when Christopher Columbus was reached by an emissary of Queen Isabel the Catholic, having broken off the first negotiations over his proposal to cross the Atlantic, and the siege of Granada was abandoned.


Iglesia Parroquial (Parish church, XVI century).
Ermita de San Sebastián  (Hermitage, XVII century).

Archaeological sites

Bridge into the city.
Archaeological Site of Madinat Ilbira
Roman / Iberian settlements on the heights of Las Agujetas and los Infantes.
Villa del Cortijo de Darangoleja, late Roman, with traces of mosaic paving.

Pinos Puente Gastronomy

Gastronomy in Pinos Puente is provided mostly by the products of the region, with the local cultivation of vegetables. Various sausages, migas and gazpacho are typical dishes of the area. There are also traditional casseroles with beans and boiled noodles. Also of note are ‘tortas de chicharrones’ and kid with garlic.


Leaving Granada. Continue along: A-92G. Turn right: N-432 towards: Atarfe – Córdoba. Pass Atarfe and arrive at Pinos Puente.

Distances from Pinos Puente

Granada 17 km
Bucor 6.5 km
Lachar 14 km
Cijuela 17 km
Albolote 11 km
Zujaira 5.5 km
Escoznar 12 km
Chauchina 14 km
Caparacena 5 km
Valderrubio 9.5 km
Fuente Vaqueros 11 km

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