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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Polícar, Guadix Region

The Granadina town of Policar lies to the north of Sierra Nevada, near the edge of the Natural Park. The municipality limits with Cortes y Graena, Beas de Guadix y Lugros.

Its past dates back to the Roman Empire, and during the Moorish period it was a cortijo or large farmstead, under the jurisdiction of Beas de Guadix, remaining so even after the reconquest. Under Islamic rule was when it reached its highest period of development, and it still retains its narrow streets and unique architecture.

In 1489 it was conquered by Ferdinand and years later was occupied by settlers from Castile.

The name of Policar was interpreted as being Arabic for ‘thumb’, which meant that this was the ‘cortijo del hombre del pulgar’ (the farmstead of the mans thumb, a possible reference to the shape) The name could also be a metathesis of poqueyra, the mouth of or the entrance to, a reference to the entrance to a ravine, or to a plain, not forgetting that Policar, topographically, is situated on a plateau or plain between gullies. (Metathesis meaning the transposition of letters or syllables within a word.)

However, Espinar Moreno, in his study “The control of irrigation water and the struggles of several farmsteads in the lands of Guadix, XII / XVI centuries, published by the University of Murcia in 1987, says Policar was called Bizar in XII century, and changed this name to that of Policar because of a slope leading up towards the houses of the town.

The town came to belong to one family for centuries. In 1977 the purchase was realized at a cost of 29 million of the old pesetas, and it was in 2006 when the deeds to the lands were written.

Rural and municipal independence have given an air of prosperity.


San Antonio Hermitage
Parish Church of San Antonio de Padua

Polícar Gastronomy

In Policar the quality of its traditional local wine and their famous products of the ‘matanza’ (pig slaughter) are as exceptional as ever. In addition, in the area you can taste exquisite dishes which include la olla de San Antón, la olla matancera, bolones casserole, rin-ran, las gachas, kid with garlic and fried rabbit with garlic.


Policar can be accessed via one of the main roads of Andalusia, the A-92, which passes through the region of Guadix. Take exit 288 to Purullena, Cortes and Graena and Beas de Guadix. In Purullena take the road to Los Banos GR-NE-47 and then the GR-SE-25 towards Policar. (the town can also be reached by bus.)

Distances from Polícar

Granada 55 km
Guadix 15 km
Lugros 6 km
La Peza 19 km
Purullena 9 km
Esfiliana 20 km
Beas de Guadix 4.5 km
Cortes y Graena 11 km
Alcudia de Guadix 21km
Cogollos de Guadix 26 km

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