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Priego de Córdoba, monuments, churches, castle, historical houses and fountains

Priego de Córdoba – Fuente de la Salud

Priego de Córdoba, monuments, churches, castle, historical houses and fountains

Fuente de la Salud – Health Fountain

The Health Fountain is in the square of the same name, just of the King´s Fountain in Priego de Cordoba.

The Fountain of Health was built in the sixteenth century. Composed of a large pediment mannerist style.

As the mouth of the birth, at the foot of the hill, the stonemason Alonso González made a great wall with a frontispiece that he founded on the same rocks of the place, combining with them an archaic first body with mythological and bucolic reliefs, which serves as the basis for a landscape padding padding in marble, organized in three streets, the central one with a background to the shrine of the Virgen de la Cabeza and the sides with centers of jasper ovals in relief of twisted leather.

On a slight cornice in the central street, a triangular pediment with an oval in the tympanum and pyramidal finials on it and its ends, and on the sides some carved stones with crests.

Apparently this fountain had other sculpted pieces in the same Mannerist style that have disappeared. In front of the described wall, a pond with a profile where the water can be seen flowing.

After the old fountain, ponds were built that were reformed over time, until in 1802 it was agreed to build the definitive one.

This fountain is structured as three united ponds, excavated on a slight slope, which is used to make waterfalls jump between them, and which has multiple jets in the curved perimeter that defines them, from which sculptures sprout.

The first part is a pond with a trefoil outline, dominated by a central sculpture that represents a lion killing the dragon from whose mouth water flows. This pond is connected by a low waterfall line. A larger rectangular floor plan with rounded and chamfered corners with a central sculptural motif, between four fountains, which represents Neptune on a cart of sea horses accompanied by Amphitrite embracing a large fish with a mouth, as a fountain. It is connected by a waterfall to a final pond with a bulbous outline and a central spout, which is closed by a figurehead whose jaws swallow the water.

The internal perimeter of the fountain is endowed with 139 years, many of which are framed by masks with different features.
Around the fountain, in sections that continue the curve, there is a line of solid benches with stone seats and backs.

The entire surrounding space is shaped like a garden, in its altered old layout, of which it is worth highlighting a line of large shade trees that give it the appearance of a mall. Read more…

Health Fountain of Priego de Córdoba

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