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Priego de Córdoba, monuments, churches, castle, historical houses and fountains

Priego de Córdoba – Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church

Priego de Córdoba, monuments, churches, castle, historical houses and fountains

Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church

Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church (Old San José Chapel ) is located in Río Street, in the andalusian village of Priego de Córdoba, just few minutes from the Town Hall and the Church of Nuestra Señora de las Angustias.

Rebuilt in the Baroque style in the XVIII century, it is transitional work between the Baroque and the Neo-Classical styles.

The outside facade was finished in 1790. Crowned by a tower with a dome which contains statue of the Prophet Elias. It is declared a National Monument.

The church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen has a rectangular floor plan, a single nave, four sections in its longitudinal development, a flat head, with a six-sided polygonal volume, attached to it. The first section is occupied by the presbytery, located at a higher level than the rest of the temple. It is rectangular in plan and covered by a half-barrel vault.

The three following sections that the nave contains are divided by pilasters with Ionic capitals. The second section, with a square floor plan, is covered by a gallon dome on pendentives, and the third and fourth sections, with a rectangular floor plan, are covered by barrel vaults with lunettes. At the foot there is a high choir, rectangular in plan, supported by a platform with a balustrade, on a basket-handle arch. This space is divided by three semicircular arches, on pilasters and covered by three barrel vaults.

Attached to the side of the Epistle is the current Tabernacle Chapel with a rectangular floor plan. It is accessed through three openings, the central one higher than the lateral ones.

In the Chapel of the Tabernacle three zones can be distinguished: the head and foot area have a flat roof, and the central zone, which corresponds to the old sacristy, also has a rectangular floor plan and is covered by a very flat chevron dome.

The temple has an interior decoration based mostly on golden wooden stars of different sizes and cornucopias, all of them distributed among the walls.

Elevation of two floors of unequal height on the outside.

The building is attached to other buildings, so it only has two facades, the main one (it is flat and responds to neoclassical models) and the one on the Gospel side.

Eglise Notre-Dame de Carmen Priego de Cordoba Elle fut reconstruite en style baroque au XVIIIème siècle. Il s´agit d´une oeuvre qui marque la transition avec le neoclassicisme. La fachade fut terminee en 1790. Elle est couronnée par une tour avec coupole, d´une sculture du prophète Elie. Elle est déclarée monument national.

Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church of Priego de Córdoba Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church of Priego de Córdoba

Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church of Priego de Córdoba

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  1. Rafael Romero Ruiz escribio:

    Muchas gracias, este mes de julio iré por Priego y pasaré por la parroquia para volver a visitarla y así recordar mis tiempos de niño

  2. Sergio Ordoñez Mejias escribio:

    Durante los años 1964/1965 y 1966, su tío D.Rafael Romero Lorenzo, fue mi profesor de religión en el Instituto Laboral de Priego de Córdoba, también regentaba el internado.
    Fue párroco del Carmen.
    Guardo gran recuerdo de su tío, durante los años que estuve en Priego, colboré, en la parroquia en ayudar a misa los domingos, ayudaba mucho a los pobres, en especial a los del calvario, recuerdo que era un barrio de gentes muy pobres.
    Desde Priego, lo trasladaron a Córdoba donde fallecio.

  3. Rafael Romero Ruiz escribio:

    Me gustaría que me confirmen,si mi tío D.Rafael Romero Lorenzo fue párroco de dicha Iglesia.Gracias

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