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Priego de Córdoba, monuments, churches, castle, historical houses and fountains

Priego de Córdoba – San Francisco Church

Priego de Córdoba, monuments, churches, castle, historical houses and fountains

San Francisco Church

The San Francisco Church (Old Convent of San Francisco) is located in the Compás de San Francisco Square, just a couple of minutes from the Church of Ntra. Sra. de la Aurora, in the andalusian village of Priego de Córdoba, Cordoba province.

Gothic renaisance temple which was remodelled in the XVIII century in the Baroque style

The Chapel of Jesús Nazareno, built by Jerónimo Sánchez de Rueda and Juan de Dios Santaella.

The statue is attributed to Pablo de Rojas (1952). The statue of “Jesús en la Columna” belongs to the studio of Alonso de Mena.

The Church of San Francisco has a box floor plan, where we find a nave and five sections covered with groin vaults reinforced with transverse arches (half-point arches that reinforce the barrel and groin vaults).

The chapel of Cristo de la Columna is located in the third section, it is characterized by its rectangular floor plan covered with a half-barrel vault and lunettes and subdivided into three sections by transverse arches.

Also noteworthy is the chapel of the Virgen de la Milagrosa, located in the fifth section, with a square floor plan and smaller and covered with a domed dome (dome formed by four curved rectangular panels based on a square or rectangle).

In the fifth section we also find the chapel of San Francisco de Asís, this is made up of a square space covered with a spherical cap vault on pendentives, with abundant decoration of plasterwork and a dressing room decorated with paintings representing the life of the saint.

église et le couvent de San Francisco en Priego de Córdoba - 12/06/2011 Temple gothique de la Renaissance remodeé au XVIIIè siècle en style baroque. La Chapelle de Jesús Nazareno fut réalisée par Jerónimo Sánchez de Rueda et Juan de Dios Santaella. Nous trouverons aussi la sculpture de Jesús de la Columna.

Campanario de la Iglesia de San Francisco Portada

Antiguo Convento de San Francisco

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