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Agricultural and Recreational Estate in Gaucín €199,000

Agricultural and Recreational Estate in Gaucín

Agricultural and Recreational Estate for sale in Gaucín located few minutes from the town, in the Málaga province.

The property has 12,528 m2 registered (18,647.68 m2 recent updated measurement). Undulating agricultural land where we find a cultivation area and an orchard area with different fruit trees (avocados, olive trees, almond trees, orange trees, lemon trees, carob trees, plums, loquats, pomegranates, pear trees, fig trees).

House of approximately 80 m2 that has a large terrace with views, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, living room with fireplace and open kitchen.

Light: Solar Panel

Water: own spring deeded and registered in the General Registry of Springs and Underground Water Lighting.

Access: Access is via a sloped lane, 4×4 recommended.

Note. Any additional Information to that expressed in this report will be given by the owner once having visited the estate and there is serious interest in acquisition of same. It is essential to sign a Visitor Sheet before entering the property.

Refrain from real estate agents, intermediaries, dreamers and time wasters.

Agricultural and Recreational Estate for sale in Gaucín

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    About Gaucín

    To the south of the Serranía de Ronda region, and on the slopes of the Sierra del Hacho, is Gaucín, known for its beautiful views as the “Balcón de la Serranía”. From this white municipality you can contemplate the Crestellina mountain range, the Genal Valley and the Mediterranean. And its Castillo del Águila has been one of the strategic defense points throughout the centuries, from Roman times to the French invasion or the Carlist Wars. The history, its surroundings… Read more….