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Farm for Sale with 7 Rural Houses €1,000,000

Farm for Sale with 7 Rural Houses – Sierra de Aracena – Huelva


Diverse possibilities of use exist for the Finca:

1.1- To continue with the activity of Rural Tourism

At present local tourist businessmen from the town hall are developing a Plan of Tourist Promotion in the countries of Europa’s center (Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland) This plan will increase the abundance of a level tourism way – high place that looks for zones of full nature, peacefull, safety and comfort. The Finca, for characteristics, it covers the requirements that this type of tourism demands

1.2- Residence of playtime for Incentives of Companies

There is increasing the need of utilization of Programs of Incentives for employees of companies to optimize the levels of productionAmong others the Centers of Incentives stand out for companies.

For his location -Huelva, Andalusia–Spain-, for his characteristics of  SCANTY GOOD and for his privileged climate, the acquisition of the Finca turn into the important advantages of a buying company this product.

1.3- Residence of playtime for the personnel of Corporate Associations

Trade-Union Associations, Sporting Clubs Associations and Professionals’ Associations.

1.4- Residence of playtime for a family group

1.5- Residence of playtime for a group of friends

1.6- Hunting use (bigger hunting -deer and wild boar-)


The finca with the 7 Rural Houses is a Tourist Complex located in the Sierra de Aracena, county area – Natural Reserve of Aracena and Picos de Aroche -Huelva-Spain.)

The denomination Natural Reserve serves as a source of tourist promotion thanks to the recognition and the prestige of this specification.

The Natural Reserve shows it ́s first criteria of environment quality, given a privileged situation in comparison with the rest of Andalucia.

The main species of the Natural Reserve are the holm oak, cork oak and the chestnut.

The main benefits of the land are cattle and cork; the first mainly with pasture and acorns, used this last one to feed the “Ibérico” pig (Pata Negra).

The cork can be considered as the most important forestall use in the interior of the Natural Reserve. In the year 2008 an income of 25 million euros was obtained.

The pig industry is fundamental to the economy of the area for the presence of an industry of derived pig products. The quality of these animals comes marked, also the special characteristics of its meat, by the way of breeding and handing of the animals, of a natural animal feed based on the acorn.

The economic activity of the Natural Reserve is being increased by the Leader programs of rural development, which apply diverse measures to energize economically the area through the help of local companies or with local implantations dedicated to agrifood products, products of the country like chestnuts, cork, mushrooms, making of cheese and olive oil. There ́s also a
specific help for development of Sustainable Rural Tourism.


The country estate, with an extension of 22 hectares (54 acres), is located 8, 5 Km away from Santa Ana la Real and 15 Km
away from Jabugo, both towns of the province of Huelva-Andalucia.

The Finca is located under fertile and welcoming land. It ́s protected by mountainous elevations and presents a climate great for peacefull and relaxation. It contains three small creeks that come from various permanent water sources from the country estate. In the lowest area, in a part of approximately 5 hectares (12 Acres), stand the rural houses.

The estate has a great forest of holm oaks with hundreds of trees. Leaving the forest, we can find majestic corn oak and lush pine trees.

The Natural Reserve is the home of a variety of animals which enjoy their freedom. In the species of birds one can underline the Black Vulture, the Royal Eagle, the Royal Kite, the Black Kite, the Owl, the Sork, the Black Bird, the Woodpecker, the Cuckoo, the Turtledove, the Dove, etc.

The mammals who can walk freely through the stated one should mention the Fox, the Badger, the Deer and the Wild boar.

The Finca  is an appetizing destination for the traveller who wants to enjoy, while observing nature, a time of peacefull.

Since Huelva is one of the richest provinces of Spain when we talk about the food, in the farm one can enjoy each an every
bite of every meal one has inside the complex. Two of its tastiest foods will be biologic vegetables and fruits as well as the Ibérico pig:  The famous “jamón pata negra”.


The project was developed by a prestigious architect from Huelva.

Once all the permits were obtained, the construction began around mid year of 2002 and ended finishing the year 2003.


The Finca, has a surface of 22 Hectares, and is located 8,5 km from Santa Ana la Real and 15 Km. from Jabugo.

Inside of the rustic country estate the infrastructures are found such as houses, roads, water, electricity and gas, Internet and cell phone communication.

The houses and other buildings make a Total Building Surface of 1.055 square meters.


Electricity: Connection with Endesa, Sevilla Electricity Company.

Drinking Water: Connection with the Water System of the town.

Water Irrigation: 1- A spring in the upper part of the estate, – Continuous  water flow all year round-. It can contain 25.000 litters.

2- A spring in the bottom part of the estate –Continuous  water flow all year round-. It can contain 3.000 litters.

Gas: Deposit of 2.000 kg of Propane Gas connecting with all the houses.

Internet: Internet Wi-Fi in all the Finca connected by Radio-frequency net.

Cell phone: Signal with the main national companies Movistar, Vodafone and Orange Companies.

Interior Road: The estate has an interior road of 2.5 Km. that crosses the whole area. It ́s made with parts of concrete and compact small stone. It ́s protected in all it is length by a ditch with a discharge drain.


The project has been carried out with the assessment of experts in Rural Architecture. Under this supervision, 2 old building have been restored and 5 more houses have been built.

The constructions have been built with the use of natural materials of the area – granite, logs, wood, and iron – and with an environmental healthy vision of the architecture, both respecting the environment and being part of it.

Although the houses present a rustic style and decoration, imitating the aspect of a typical Sierra house, they are built with the latest technology: Hot water and central heating system. Walls, roofs and windows have thermal and acoustic insulation system.

The roofs are covered by authentic and old Arabic brickwork. The interior part is covered with sticks and noble woods.

The houses are placed in the tree zones of the Estate, with an adequate distance between them, so that each client can enjoy intimacy and a quiet vacation, as a great relaxation in the country.

The different constructions are briefly explained in the following summary



1) Surface: 240 Square Meters.

2) History: Restoration made in the old stable and barn.

3) Rooms: Owners house, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Checking desk, Social Living room,  Industrial Kitchen, Laundry, and Storage room.

4) Capacity: 6 Persons

5) Location: is situated in the central part of the access area to the houses.

6) Services: TV, Electrical stove, Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine, Bedding and Towels, Electric under floor heating, Fire Place, Barbecue, communal Swimming Pool, Internet Wi-Fi connection.

Today, this building is used by the actual administrators of the Estate, apart from the diverse interior communal zones, as is the check in desk, the laundry room, the social living room and convention room.

b) HOUSE 2

1) Surface: 68 Square Meters.

2) History: New Rural House

3) Rooms: Dining Room, Bedroom,  Bathroom, Kitchen and Porch.

4) Capacity: 2 Persons

5) Register Number CR/HU/*****

6) Category: Superior

7) Location: is built next to the small river and is surrounded by orange trees.

8) Services: TV, Electric stove, Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine, Bedding and Towels, Radiant heat –propane boiler-, Fire Place, Barbecue, communal Swimming Pool, Internet Wi-Fi connection.

c) HOUSE 3

1) Surface: 63 Square Meters.

2) History: New Rural House

3)Rooms: Dining Room, Bedroom,  Bathroom, Kitchen and Porch.

4) Capacity: 2 Persons

5) Register Number CR/HU/*****

6) Category: Superior

7) Location: Surrounded by centennial oaks it is situated on top of an elevation near the stone bridge.

8) Services: TV, Electrical stove, Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine, Bedding and Towels, Radiant heat –propane boiler-, Fire Place, Barbecue, communal Swimming Pool, Internet Wi-Fi connection.

d) HOUSE 4

1) Surface: 96 Square Meters.

2) History: Rehabilitated Rural House above of the old house of the  estate, which is more than 200 years old.

3) Rooms Dining Room, 2 Bedrooms,  2 Bathrooms, Kitchen and  Porch.

4) Capacity: 4 Persons

5) Register Number CR/HU/*****

6) Category: Superior

7) Location: Built 50 meters away from the old barn. It’s found surrounded by oaks and corn oaks and presents a strong stone.

8) Services TV, Electrical stove, Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine, Bedding and Towels, Radiant heat –propane boiler-, Fire Place, Barbecue, communal Swimming Pool, Internet Wi-Fi connection.

e) HOUSE 5

1) Surface: 94 Square Meters.

2) History: New Rural House.

3) Rooms: Dining Room, 2 Bedrooms,  2 Bathrooms, Kitchen and  Porch.

4) Capacity: 4 Persons

5) Register Number CR/HU/*****

6) Category: Superior

7) Location: it is found in the middle of an oak forest with views to the old garden, today filled with fruit trees.

8) Services: TV, Electrical stove, Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine, Bedding and Towels, Radiant heat –propane boiler- Fire Place, Barbecue, communal Swimming Pool, Internet Wi-Fi connection. The house of the Huerta presents architecture facilities and proper installations for people with handicaps.

f) HOUSE 6

1) Surface: 92 Square Meters.

2) History: New Rural House.

3)Rooms: Dining Room, 2 Bedrooms,  2 Bathrooms, Kitchen and Porch.

4) Capacity: 4 Persons

5) Register Number CR/HU/*****

6) Category: Superior

7) Location: Situated near the old reservoir of the Estate, presents panoramic views of the pine trees and the town of Santa Ana La Real.

8) Services TV, Electrical Stove, Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine, Bedding and Towels, Radiant heat –propane boiler- Fire Place, Barbecue, communal Swimming Pool, Internet Wi-Fi connection.

g) HOUSE 7

1) Surfaces: 190 Square Meters. (Not including the swimming pool)

2) History: New Rural House

3) Rooms: Dining Room, 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, Living Room, Kitchen  and Porch. Swimming Pool

4) Capacity: 10 Persons

5) Register Number CR/HU/*****

6) Category: Superior

7) Location: Situated in the old part of the Estate with excellent views to a group of oaks and the Cabeza Gorda Hill.

8) Services TV, Electrical stove, Microwave, Fridge, Washing Machine, Radiant heat –propane boiler- Bedding and Towels, Barbecue, private Swimming Pool, Internet Wi-Fi connection.

h) Other Buildings

1) Storage house and Swimming Pool ́s Bathroom. 14 Square meters.  Restoration of old chicken pen.

2) Dining Area. 50 Square Meters. New construction of wood on top of a  concrete base.

3) Trash Deposit area 9 Sq. Meters. Restoration of old pig feeding area

4) Machinery workshop house and management. 40 Square Meters.  New Construction

5) Communal Swimming Pool. 6 x 4 meters. New Construction

6) Water Reservoir (made with old stone)

7) Arts and Crafts Workshop and Sound Recording Studio. 50 Square Meters


Internet Wi-Fi:
The area of the estate where the houses, the communal areas and it ́s surroundings, including the pool, are covered by a wireless signal through which the client can have access to Internet 24 hours a day.

Meetings Companies: The farm has the proper conditions for the development of diverse Meetings Companies, by improving and strengthening the reunions, counting with a great placement and a peaceful environment capable of becoming an engine or transmitter of the objectives wanted by the organization.

The finca counts with a Meetings hall and Projections facilities, located in an old construction, where the rehabilitation made has created a warm and authentic rustic feeling. We can underline its stone chimney, its noble wood ceiling, and its big windows with views to the vast oak forest. The Projection and Audio-Video systems, together with the Wi-Fi Internet connection give the technological characteristics to the facility.

Activities and Excursions through the interior of the estate visiting it ́s beautiful corners as well as through the area of the country side (Horseback riding, hiking routes, Mountain bike routes, Bird Watching, and trips to the mosque of Almonaster la Real, to the Factory and Drying Area of the Hams of Jabugo, the Groote of the wonders of Aracena, the Rio Tinto mines, the Coto of Doñana, the Rábida Convent and Portugal.

One can also carry out activities in the Crafts Workshop, where the clients can learn antique hand crafted techniques such as: Embroidery, Fabrics, and Wood, Cork, Glass, Dry Flowers, and Christmas decorations. As well as in the Recording Sound Studio, where the clients are able to record musical compositions on CD.


One must emphasize that all the elements which the property is equipped, will be transmitted along as well, and with this aim they are numerated, also to become part of the valuation which will be presented in the following texts.

The list contains all the furniture, and electrical appliances of each house and which are today in use by the clients. (Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, porches, glass, crockery, cutlery, kitchen batteries, bedding, bathroom linen and table linen). It ́s important to emphasize that the linen of each house (sheets, towels, bedspreads, pillows, curtains and rugs) are made with noble cloths –cotton-linen-wool- in the Crafts Workshop of the Estate. The embroidery, based on new designs, is handcrafted.

All the houses have heating and hot water in all its rooms (propane gas boilers).  The heating of the main house is provided by an installation of Electrical Radiant Floor.

All the houses contain a chimney -except the House of the Olive-. All the houses have TV (TDT and Satellite Astra Channels) and DVD.


Elements also object of transmission which we can enumerate, in each section as:

Machinery and Vehicle:

A lawn mower,A Chainsaw,Two pool purifiers,Two Pressure Groups (pumps and deposit). A polyester deposit for 3.000 litters of water,A polyester deposit for 25.000 litters of water. Various electrical and non electrical tools.Tools and diverse farming utilities. A Mazda pick up truck with double cabin. A Daccia Dokker van.


Two washing machines and two dryers.Ironing station.

Industrial Type Kitchen:

Vitroceramic stove,Electric Oven,Dishwasher,Two Fridges,Freezer,Extractor fan

Check in desk:

A Computer. A Printer-Scanner-Fax machin


Expectations of the Farm:

Rural tourism in Huelva is clearly increasing, specially in the Natural Reserve Sierra of Aracena, which today is presented as an ideal product to cover the demand of a type of tourism which is respectful and compromising with nature.

The Natural Reserve of Sierra of Aracena contains the optimum conditions for a development of a Sustainable Tourism:

Monumental Culture

Regional Gastronomy

The Farm is located in an area without busy roads or buildings. The client has at his whole disposition a country estate of 32 acres with a varied forest where one can find cork oaks and holm oaks and take peaceful walks, without having anyone or anything disturb this. One will only hear the singing of the birds of the countryside.

To fulfil this demand the country estate presents three tempting qualities for this type of tourist:

Live Nature, High Class comfort, Maximum peace and quiet, Safety

These characteristics of the farm make it a Scarce Commodity of great value, future and present.

As well as its real value – the value of all it ́s elements- the complex presents the above stated Mercantile will or Added value and which can be shown in the following list:

It has Complete Infrastructures: Access, Electricity, Drinking Water Connection, Gas piping, Sewer System, Wife Internet Connection and Interior road of 2,5 Km.

It possesses all the permissions and legal authorizations of de government of Andalusia.

Due to all the information above one can state that the finca is a consolidated business with an excelent potential of growth and optimum future holding.

It is opportune to emphasize that the bureaucratic situation and of market that possesses the complex not only it guarantees the profitability of the investment, but in addition the putting allows in value of the same one from the moment zero of the acquisition.

Normally the bureaucratic steps to developing for this type of infrastructures do not make possible the use of these complexes up to his concrete moment of opening and putting in March. This stage of bureaucratic steps, Urbanization and Construction of the buildings, it is in the habit of occupying, at best, a time of wait that ranges between 2 and 4 years.

The buyer of the farm will not have to lose time with bureaucratic steps. Everything is legalized, authorized and in March.

¡Earned time – saved Money!

For everything previous, it is possible to affirm that the finca is an excellent investment, for treating itself about a scanty, consolidated good, with an ideal potential of growth and with a clear projection of future.

11.- Summary

Rustic estate of 22 hectares in the Sierra de Aracena – Huelva Andalucía – Spain

Notarized and registered in the Property Office.

With access (asphalt) by road regional up to the door.

With urbanized zone that presents 7 houses totally equipped with a surface of 1.055 constructed meters.

With infrastructures of electricity, gas, water – drinkable and of irrigation-, sewer, interior way, Internet with own network WIFI.

With all the permissions of the Town Hall and of the Meeting of Andalusia in rule.

Nowadays working as Complex of Rural Tourism catalogued by the Meeting of Andalusia as of Top Level.

For the PRICE of the finca there have been born in mind the values of soil and constructions in the “Nature Reserve Aracena y Picos de Aroche” – Huelva – Andalusia – Spain.

Price: 1.000.000 €

Any additional information to the one mentioned in this report, will be given by the owner once visited the estate and in case serious interest of purchase exists. Indispensable to sign Visit Sheet  before entering the property. Real estate agencies and intermediaries abstain.


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    Ciudad/Provincia/City (requerido)

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    Fecha de la visita/Visit Date

    Comentarios - Condiciones de la visita/Coments:

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