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Farmhouse for Sale in Almogia €380,000

Farmhouse for Sale in Almogia

Farmhouse to be restored in the Andalusian municipality of Almogia, province of Málaga.

The farm

Farm with approximatelly 70,000 m2 mostly with a large gap and populated  with cork oaks, olive, almond and fruit trees. Orchard area in its flattest part.


Old cortijo to be restored consisting of a 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 kitchens.

Upper floor: 189 m2 built
Ground floor: 586 m2 built
Total: 775 m2 built

The farmhouse consists of several patios, storage rooms, granaries, chicken coops, warehouses and a large swimming pool.

Note. Any additional Information to that expressed in this report will be given by the owner once having visited the estate and there is serious interest in acquisition of same. It is essential to sign a Visitor Sheet before entering the property.


Hotel Complex / Approved Project with Licence (price of the project with license to be negotiated)

Brief summary of the project:

The existing project is a building consisting of 5 apartments, 4 of two bedrooms with capacity ofr 6 people and 1 of 1 bedroom for 4 people as the room is enabled to accommodate two more people, and housingfor the in charge of the apartments. The apartments will have the category of 1 Key. Note that this establishment will not have restaurant or food services for the rooms. Al apartments will have an independent entrance from the outside and will have a garden for private used.

Pool area: current facilities will be adapted for use by customers. The outdoor area around the pool will be adapted as a recration area communicating with the barbecue patio. The rooms will be adapted with used of storage rooms and bathrooms with asccess though the exterior lobby 1 for use toilets for pool clients.

In addition, on the upper floor, the existing dwelling will be adapted for use by the farm´s staff, being occupied by the owners.

Infographics of how the project would look.



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