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Farmhouse with Olive Grove in Cordoba €1,495,000

Farmhouse with Organic Olive Grove in Cordoba – Hacienda Andalusia

Farmhouse Situation

The Estate is situated in the province of Cordoba in the Sierra Morena.

The capital of the province, Córdoba, is approximately 60 kilometres distant; 325 kms from Madrid; 75 from Almaden and 20 from Pozoblanco.

The Farm/Cortijo

It is a complex of buildings arranged in a ring, around two large courtyards, with drinking fountains, porches and an interior garden,

with the buildings around them, creating a closed set. (910 m2 built).

The main Cortijo or Manor house, with approximately 350m2 built is distributed over two floors. On the ground floor, all of it with beautiful groin vaults are: large kitchen, dining room with fireplace, with seating for twelve people, TV lounge, lounge with fireplace, lobby, office, toilet, staircase to second floor. On the top floor is the bedroom area: a master bedroom with fireplace, three double bedrooms and one room with four beds: all with fitted wardrobes, and two bathrooms.

The farmhouse has electricity, hot and cold running water, heating by diesel oil in all units. Telephone and fax. Large courtyard with porch and interior garden.

Farmhouse home. Attached to the main house is another two-storey farmhouse, currently earmarked for home/marriage residence. On the ground floor, also with groin vaults, are: full kitchen, large living room, living room with fireplace, entrance hall, and three bedrooms, with a bathroom and staircase to the second floor. Open plan upper floor which was once used to smoke sausages and dried hams. The House has electricity, hot and cold running water and telephone.

Workers farmhouses, (aceituneros). There are two: one approximately 90 m2, comprising lounge with fireplace, four bedrooms and a shower room. The other, having approximately 60m2, has a lounge with fireplace, three bedrooms and shower room. Both have running water and electricity.

Old Mill: This is a rectangular building of one floor with high ceilings. It also has its original olive grinding stones, a beautiful pointed arch and primitive slop jars and storage of oil. It occupies an area of approximately 180m2. Also 8 horseboxes, of which two are stalls, plus a store for tack.

Winery: A Mews building, now converted into a wine cellar with open plan staircase to the upper floor, and an old  barn. Approximately 180m2 built. There are porches to shelter cars and other machinery.

There is an electricity production building that houses a generator with an output of 4.8 kW. and storage batteries that supply electricity from solar energy, from photovoltaic panels, with greater than 3.5 kw output. Less than a mile away there is an electricity supply from Sevillana.

There is a boiler room where the boiler for hot water from diesel and/or wood is kept.

Consecrated  Chapel

Deserving of special mention, having an old belfry bell, and a beautiful mosaic inscription on the core activity of this farm: THE OLIVE TREE “God is the light of Heaven and Earth”. “The light springs from a tree, the OliveTree “Cuyo”, and shines though is nottouched by the fire.   “Light from Light “.

Other buildings: Large wood stove, two woodsheds, a large coop, pigsties, etc. The entire area of the Hacienda is surrounded by manicured landscaping with automatic irrigation and lawn sprinkler. It also has huge stables that can serve as a training area.

La Finca (the farm)

The finca has 203.44 hectares recorded and fenced mostly with hunting and cattle fences. Its topology is undulating, not flat, but without the existence of steep slopes. There are 150 acres of upland organic olive groves, certified by the CAAE, with 13,629 olive trees, recognized by the SIG Oleic Spanish, mostly Picual, within a frame of 10 × 10, with high production and a yield greater than 25%, this probably enhanced by the abundance of water. The average production exceeds 300,000 kg of olives, an easily surmountable amount, considering that at present the property does not include all the olive trees. The remaining 53 hectares arescrub and oak, where can be found abundant rock rose, thyme, rosemary, etc., with species such as oak, arbutus, holm oak, holly, chestnut, almond, walnut, etc.

There are many species of birds and animals living here: eagles, vultures, owls,   “mojinos”, magpies, partridges, thrushes, blackbirds, sparrows, pigeons, doves, hares, rabbits, deer, wild boar, etc., that allow the development of hunting, both wholesale and retail, and hunting with pellet guns has many followers in the area.

The area is a “Coto de Caza” (specified hunting area)

One of the values highlighted throughout the property is the abundance of water. There are several streams that cross the farm and several natural springs that naturally and spontaneously sprout throughout the year and provide water for both human use and consumption and for agriculture. There is also abundant groundwater. Three balsas (rafts), also the possibility of irrigation.

Abundant fresh green grass and plentiful acorns make the farm a great place for raising cattle, sheep and horses and pigs. Two very large gardens.

Tractor machinery, vibrating clip, pen, hammer grinder, “cuba”, ( possibly for cubing animal feed) bulldozer, trailer, hand vibrators, chainsaws, “desbrozadotas”, feeders, fences, etc. All are in perfect condition.


The number of trees recognized by the SIG OLEIC SPANISH is 13,629 olive trees, all ancient and most Picual, within a frame of 10X10, with good production and performance.

Greater than 25% average yield.

The average production exceeds 300,000 kg of olives, an easily surmountable amount, considering that at present the property does not include all the olive trees.

There is an organic olive grove, CAAE associated with certificate, national and European level, for oil marketing as organic, priced to sell and very superior to the conventional oil market with a continuously rising demand. There is in project packaging and marketing of oil.

The operation has significant subsidies from the CAP production, agri-ecological agriculture and livestock.

There are significant revenues from the sale of the production and sale of organic olives, exploitation of hunting and grazing, breeding and selling equine sheep and pigs  etc.

As for the diversification of activities and income other than agricultural and livestock, you could adapt the Hacienda as a Rural Hotel, assisted by the Spanish government and European grants and subsidies for this type of action, such as grants from Miner, Leader, Tourism, etc.

Also, within this section on diversification of activities, it is interesting to view the possibility of the installation and sale of photovoltaic electricity and termovoltaica to supplying utilities.

For all the above concepts: production and sale of organic olives; subsidies from the CAP production, agri-ecological agriculture and livestock; lease of pastures; exploitation (both large scale and small); breeding and sale of livestock, equine, sheep and pigs; selling pineapples (pine nuts), etc., form the Finca significant revenue can be obtained with a higher potential of 10% annual return.

8 Reasons to buy this property

1) For its superb location 60 km from Córdoba, with access by motorway, TGV and airport.

2) For the excellent Hacienda, eighteenth century in perfect condition, with water, electricity, heating and manicured landscaping.

3 For the large estate. 13,629 olive trees recognized by the Spanish Olive GIS with high performance. There is abundant water that would enable irrigation with excellent livestock pastures and 50 hectares of forest.

4) For its profitable investment. Good oil production certificate for marketing organic oil. Important subsidies.

5) The possibility of diversification activities.

6) For the mechanization. Machinery that allows the mechanization of harvesting and other work.

7) Entertainment. Hunting, walking and horse riding stables, golf course nearby.

8) For its price.

Price: € 1.495.000 + IVA

Note:  Any additional information to the one mentioned in this report, will be given by the owner once visited the estate and in case serious interest of purchase exists. Indispensable to sign Visit Sheet  before entering the property. Real estate agencies and intermediaries abstain.
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