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Rustic Farm in Marchena – se104 €400,000

Rustic farm requalified to urban land for industrial use in Marchena

This is the sale of a rustic farm requalified to urban land for industrial use of 17500 sqm located in the municipality of Marchena, in the province of Sevilla, Andalusia.

It has the following facilities:

  • Villa of 240 sqm with fenced garden
  • 1 industrial warehouse of 1000 sqm with office and scale with capacity for weighing trucks up to 50000 kgs.
  • 2 Ships of 500 m2 each one initially used as barges and currently diaphanous inside.
  • 1 house of 60 sqm. Currently occupied by the caretaker or landlord of the farm.
  • 2 underground water wells.
  • 1 pool to store water of 4m x 1,5 m
  • Water and electricity

The villa solidly built and its condition is good. It has 5 rooms, living room, kitchen, 2 pantries, bathroom and large fireplace.

The land has approx. 17500 m2, distributed in three independent farms from the registration point of view.

The land was requalified as industrial urban land approximately 8 years ago and is, therefore parcelable.


The farm is located between two roads: the A-92 motorway and the local road that connects the towns of La Puebla de Cazalla with the town of Marchena.


It is an ideal property for someone who wants to develop a commercia or industrial activity using the existing facilities, mainly the ships. In them, commercial or industrial manufacturing activity can be developed.

At the same time, having two houses, the villa can be used as a regular residence or be rented.

The house of 60 sqm is intended for a family whose function is guarding and monitoring the facilities.

Note:  Any additional information to the one mentioned in this report, will be given by the owner once visited the estate and in case serious interest of purchase exists. It is indispensable to sign the Visit Sheet  before entering the property. Real estate agencies and intermediaries abstain.

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