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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


The municipality of Pruna, with an area of 100.6 km2, is situated in the comarca (region) of Las Serranias Subbeticas in La Sierra Sur Sevillana.

The town sits on a small plain surrounded by hills distant from the capital about 94 km, and is under the jurisdiction of Moron de la Frontera.

Pruna is at the confluence of the provinces of Seville, Cadiz and Malaga, and is 663 metres above sea level, with the highest point in the province of Seville being in the Sierra del Terril at 1129 metres. It is at a latitude of 36 ° 58 ‘and a longitude of 5 ° 13’.

The town borders to the NW with Moron de la Frontera, to the N with La Puebla de Cazalla, to the NE with Villanueva de San Juan, to the E with Algamitas and to the S and W with Olvera (Cadiz).

The first settlements date back to a “túrdulo” village found in the area called castillo, one kilometre from the current Pruna which was then called Callet.

Also came to this land the Phoenicians and Greeks, who called the city Prunna,from whence its present name derives.

In Roman times, the city was annexed to the Roman Empire in the first stage of the conquest of the peninsula and integrated into the province of Ulterior.

During the period of Al-Andalus, it was a small village dedicated to agriculture and livestock and was under the jurisdiction of the kingdom of Seville.

The Christian conquest was conducted by Alfonso X, and Pruna was ceded to the Order of Calatrava. In the year 1457 Enrique IV ceded it to Don Rodrigo de Rivera to defend it from attack by Muslims. In these times Pruna alternated between Christian to Muslim hands.
Pruna in 1482 was sold to Don Rodrigo Ponce de León. Later it passed into the hands of the duchy of Arcos, in the sixteenth century, by which time it had been awarded the rank of town, and in the eighteenth century it passed to the Duchy of Osuna.

During the French invasion Pruna was burned.

Monuments in Pruna

Castillo del Hierro
Fuente del Pilarillo
San Antonio Abad Parish Church
Ermita (chapel) de la Pura y Limpia
Emigrant Monument

Sierra del Tablon

Pruna Gastronomy

Typical dishes in the municipality of Pruna are cooked purslane, Tagarnina Esparragada, potaje campero, etc..
Also worthy of mention are Torta de Hornazo, and anises and artisan produced spirits.
Pruna also produces extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality.


From Seville on the road: SE 510
From the carretera from Extremadura and Portugal by N 630 and then by the SE 526 SE
From Huelva by taking A -92 towards Sanlucar la Mayor, then towards Olivares by the SE 513.


Coripe 39 km
Sevilla 97 km
Montellano 53 km
La Puebla de Cazalla 39 km
Moron de la Frontera 33 km




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