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Villages in Córdoba

Puente Genil

Villages in Córdoba

Puente Genil, Campiña Sur Region

The municipality of Puente Genil is located in the southeast corner of the province of Cordoba, in the geographical centre of Andalusia, bordering the provinces of Seville and Malaga, and close to the river Genil ( Cordobilla Dam ) after which it is named.

The municipality limits with Santaella, Aguilar de la Frontera, Badolatosa, Casariche y Herrera.

Puente Genil stands between the lower slopes of a hill and a plain, at an altitude of 171 metres. It has a population of 29,402 inhabitants and an area of 169.5 km ² representing 1.35% of the total provincial population, the density being 173.46 inhabitants / km ². Geographically it is located in the Comarca Campina Sur.

The origin of Puente Genil begins with the construction of a bridge on the river Genii, a work designed by Hernan Ruiz, and paid for by don Gonzalo Yanez Dovinal, Lord of Aguilar.
This new population centre grew up for clear strategic and commercial reasons, not to mention defensive reasons and control of an important passage from the south of La Campina to the Muslim lands, maintaining a close eye on this area close to the border.

In the last third of the sixteenth century Puente passed into the possession of Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, with Alfonso de Aguilar who said, according to his testament -1498 – will be repopulated despite being desolate, and also being known as “la puente de Don Gonzalo”.

In 1583 they completed el puente del Piedra (stone bridge) with two arches which, the next year, suffered major damage due to river flooding which destroyed most of the Barrio Bajo (Lower Town). The continuing flood damage was so bad that in 1874 a major reform was needed at the hands of the French engineer Lemonier.

Puente Genil Monuments

Parish church of Our Lady of Purification, rich gold (XVI century).
Parish church of Santiago (XVIII century).
Convent of the Friars (seventeenth century).
San Francisco Convent (XVII century).
Church of the Holy Name of Jesus (Century XVI).
Veracruz Chapel
Church of Nuestra Señora de la Concepción, with its neoclassical tower.
Church of Jesus of Nazareth, with disparate towers and portico.
Imagen del Resucitado, 1636 attributed to Alonso de Mena.
Immaculate Image of Pedro Duque Cornejo, XVIII century.
Image of Jesus Nazareno, attributed to Pablo de Rojas Image of la Aurora, attributed to Luisa Roldán.

Anzur Castle, medieval.
Los Castellares, Roman site.
Fuente Alamo, Roman site.
Miragenil Bridge

Anzur Castle, medieval.
Mayordomia of the Dukes of Medina.
Los Castellares, Roman site.
Calle Baena.
Calle Don Gonzalo.
Fuente Alamo, Roman site.
Paseo del Romeral.
Edificio La Aurora.
Barrio Miragenil.
Paseo de Los Pinos.


  • El Palomar / Bocas de Riguelo
  • Sotogordo
  • La Ribera Baja
  • Cordobilla
  • Los Arenales
  • La Mina
  • Puerto Alegre and Huertas del Rabamal

Puente Genil Gastronomy

Salazones. Onion pudding. Pepperoni. Iberian hams. Salads. Cocido. Artichokes with sauce.

Sweets: Flans. Egg yarn. Cupcakes “Genoa”. Capuchin. Porridge donuts, plait of straw and Santa Clara. Olive oil. Wine, appellation Montilla-Moriles.

Carne de Membrillo: In a pressure cooker cook the quinces with only two cups of water. (Usually takes ten minutes). Then peel the quinces and cut into small pieces to pass through the blender and turn them into quince pulp, said pulp to be weighed and then add the same amount of sugar.
Stir the quince with sugar and put to the boil, leaving at least 25 minutes, stirring occasionally, pour the cream finally obtained into a pan and let it cool and curdle. Church of the Compañía de Maria de Puente Genil
Serve cold as a dessert or as breakfast, also can be consumed alone, and with bread or cheese this is great. In Puente Genil it is typical to give to friends the famous quince jelly.


  • From Malaga : Malaga by A 92 / Sevilla, direction Sevilla, Estepa turnoff to Puente Genil / Herrera. Upon arriving at the gas station turn right towards el Palomar.
  • From Madrid : N IV. Arriving in Aguilar de la Frontera take direction Puente Genil.

Distances from Puente Genil

Lucena 29 km
Cordoba 64 km
Montilla 29 km
La Rambla 30 km
Santaella 23 km
Carcabuey 53 km
Matarredonda 18 km
Navas de Selpillar 20 km
Aguilar de la Frontera 20 km

Parish Church of San José, Puente Genil 2/10/2010 puente-genil-parroquia-de-san-jose

puente- genil-iglesia-de -los-desamparados puente-genil-parroquia-ntra-sra-del-carmen

Liceo Mercantil de Puente Genil Mercado de Abastos - Puente Genil

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