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Villages in Córdoba

Puente Genil Cordobilla

Villages in Córdoba

Cordobilla, Village of Puente Genil

La Aldea de Cordobilla is situated about 6 km from the town of Puente Genil, a few minutes from the Cordobilla Dam & Reservoir.

Cordobilla, an old meadow or pasture belonging to the House of the Marquis of Priego, was owned by a Cordoba family and later by the Estrada Romero family until the inauguration in 1953 of the embalse or reservoir of the same name and the construction of the town to be colonized, which emerged after the flood of 1963.

Just six kilometres from Puente Genil, lies the village of Colonizacion de Cordobilla, embedded between two of the more pronounced meanders of the Genil River on its way to Puente Genil.

The village is well known for its tradition horticulture, which is dedicated to the cultivation of numerous orchards, which were operating within the framework of the colonization policy developed by the State, after the flood of 1963, on land expropriated from the old Dehesa “El Romeral”, known as “new irrigation”. Remains of the presence of this are some small groves or coppices found scattered throughout the area.

The strong agricultural-horticultural tradition that remains throughout the municipality is mainly due to three factors: the high quality of its soils, abundant water, thanks the Genil-Cabra Irrigation Plan and the Genil River, and good weather conditions.

This is an enclave that is flanked by the river Genil, Sierra Gorda and Cordobilla reservoir. So despite being an area of Vega it is a very characteristic of the region, despite being somewhat more rugged than the usual toponymy.

The plots earmarked for irrigation, supplied by the irrigable area of the Genil-Cabra are to be found on both sides of the Camino de Campo or local road; the dimensions of these are homogenous or similar, although the distribution is not regular.

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