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Villages in Almeria


Villages in Almeria

Pulpí – Levante Almeriense

Pulpí is a town in the coastal province of Almería, just one hour from places such as Almería, Granada or Murcia through the Mediterranean Motorway A-92 or in the case of Granada the A-92.

The lands of Pulpí occupy a strip of border territory with the province of Murcia, which includes the interior plain and the elevation of mountains like the one of El Aguilón or El Cerro de los Pinos, and go down to the sandy and virgin shores of San Juan los Terreros.
The first inhabitants of this land go back to the Neolithic Period, where there are three sites on the margins of the Ramblas. Later the Romans settled in Pulpí and left us some specimens of their culture.

During Muslim rule, Pulpí was passageway between Lorca and Vera. This causes that, at the time of the reconquest by the Christians, Pulpí left in no man’s land between Murcia and Granada. Finally it annexes to Vera, but it is almost an unpopulated area frequented by Barbary pirates.

In the XVIII century starts a reforestation and the first settlement occurs. In the XIX century it became independent of Vera, in mid-century, due to the lack of economic resources, back under its rule. The richness of the mines in the nearby areas will produce a growing population and at the end of this century, Vera is definitely independent.

In the XX century the land is collectivized, so that, the utilization is much higher. But with the civil war all lose it and begin a period of decline. The arrival of intensive agriculture in greenhouses and tourism give in recent decades a major boost to the Town Hall.

Pulpí Monuments

Town Hall
Casa del Inglés
Railway Station
Geoda de Pulpí
Parish of San Miguel
Archaeological Sites
La Torre de los Terreros Blancos
La Batería de San Juan de los Terreros
Castle of San Juan de los Terreros Blancos

Pulpí Gastronomy

Pulpí has an exquisite gastronomy, where we can emphasize dishes such as: Migas con tropezones, Ajo colorao, Rice and beans. We can taste excellent homemade sausages and hams. We have to mention some desserts such as the Tortas de Manteca con chicharrones, Hornazos or the Brazo de gitano (Swiss Roll).

How to get there

You have to exit Almería and continue in N-344. Take E-15 / A-7 towards: Níjar – Murcia – N340. Take the exit towards: Salida 471 – San José de Escobar – Tanatorio – Parque Natural Cabo de Gata – Níjar. Turn left: ALP-204. Alleyway of Viso. Then cross Campohermoso and continue straight on and turn right: E-15 / A-7 towards: Vera – Murcia. Follow towards: Salida 516 – Sorbas – N-324 – Guadix. Take the exit towards: AP-7. Turn right: AP-7. Take the exit towards: A-350. Then you get Pulpí.


Vera 31 km
Antas 31 km
Albox 59 km
Almería 112 km
Albánchez 75 km
Huércal Overa 21 km
Pozo Higuera 3,5 km
Cuevas del Almanzora 25 km

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