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Punta Negra Watchtower

Watchtowers Granada

Punta Negra Watchtower – Albuñol

The Punta Negra Watchtower is located in the Andalusian municipality of Albuñol, between La Rabita Watchtower and Melicena Watchtower. Like most of the watchtowers on the Mediterranean coast, the Punta Negra Watchtower is accessed from the N-340 by a short incline lane that starts at Punta Negra.

The state of the Punta Negra Watchtower today 19-11-2017 is depressing, of progressive ruin, the tower has yielded on one side and is tilted to the left, its structure begins to fall apart and the environment of the tower is little care.

Built in the XVIII century, the Punta Negra Watchtower or Chilches Wachtower has a truncated cone shape and a ciruclar plan, it has a diameter of 8,35 meters and a height of 10,50 meters. It stands on a leveling platform that has a double apparent paw. The construction of the tower was made with masonry of medium-sized stones and slabs, forming rows and with brick walls. The exterior plaster of the tower is made of lime mortar and a brick molding set on the slope, where it mounts the breastplate of the terrace.

The access hole to the interior of the upper room is located to the North.

Punta Negra Watchtower - Albuñol

Punta Negra Watchtower - Albuñol

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