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Water Dams in Granada

Quentar Dam

Water Dams in Granada

Quéntar Dam – Reservoir

Quéntar Dam is located in the Aguas Blancas riverbed, about three kilometers upstream from the Andalusian town of Quentar in the province of Granada.

Quentar Reservoir belongs to the Confederación Hidrográfica del Guadalquivir, Granada area and was built between 1971 and 1975.

Quentar Dam & Reservoir Objectives

* Water suply
* Electricity
* Irrigation
* Fishing

Features of the Dam and Reservoir

The basin of this reservoir has an area of 101.5 km2 with an average rainfall of 650 mm. and an average annual contribution of 30 hm3.

Type of dam: vault dam with double curvature
Crest Lenght: 200 m
Coronation width: 4 m
Spillway: gated spillway

Bottom drains type with 2 channels and a drainage capacity of 75 m3/s.

The Quentar Reservoir has a surface of N.M.N of 41,63 hectares and a capacity of 13,6 hm3.

Distances from Quentar Reservoir

Dúdar 6,5 km
Quéntar 3 km
Granada 19 km
Pinos Genil 12 km
Beas de Granada 38 km

Quentar Dam and Reservoir - Granada

Quentar Reservoir and Dam Andalusia - Granada

Quéntar Municipality

Quéntar is a Spanish town and municipality located in the eastern part of the Vega de Granada region, in the province of Granada, autonomous community of Andalusia. It limits with the municipalities of Dúdar, Beas de Granada, Huétor Santillán, Diezma, La Peza and Güéjar Sierra.

The Quentean municipality includes the cores of Quéntar and Tocón. Among its population, of 928 inhabitants (INE, 2017), the fifteen nationalities that live in this town stand out.

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