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Villages in Málaga


Villages in Málaga


Riogordo is situated in the Axarquia, equidistant from Malaga, Velez and Antequera at a distance of 35 kilometres.

The village is divided into two well-defined neighborhoods: the upper quarter or “Cerrillo” and the lower quarter or “La Plaza”. On both sides of paved wide streets, sometimes sloping, you can see low-built houses with spacious rooms, within which are courtyards with a well and hoisting block. Among the many facades you can see stately buildings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and in the old town are curious niches which house saints, statues of the virgin or of Christ crucified, on a total of thirteen of the lintels of the doors. The most typical streets are calle Dean de Rojas, La Santa and El Horno.

The town was for long under Arab rule. Once the territories of the Axarquia were conquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1487, the land distributions began, some of the territories going to knights and some to the lower classes, or farmers, all being Christians. In the first half of the sixteenth century saw the real foundation of Riogordo as a municipality.

The village of Riogordo is 400 metres above sea level, the average rainfall in the area is 575 l/m2, and the annual average temperature stands at 16.2 º C


San Sebastian Chapel
Iglesia de Ntra Sra de Gracia (Church of Our Lady of Grace)
Las Hornicinas (The Niches)
Phoenician tombs

Riogordo Gastronomy

Among the most typical dishes of the cuisine of Riogordo are snails in broth, migas and gazpacho with green beans, also worthy of mention are porra campesina and pimenton. Also available are local high quality olive oil and vegetables.

Worthy of note among pastries are oil cakes, borrachuelos, hornazo, ice cream, etc.


Visitors can choose three different routes to get to Riogordo. The most convenient and quickest is from Málaga by the A-45 (N-331) towards Antequera. Level with Casabermeja turn onto the A-356, and Riogordo is about 18 kilometres away.

Another route, also from Málaga, is the A-6103, known as la carreterra de los Montes or the ancient Camino de Colmenar. When you arrive at that village continue on the A-6118 to Riogordo. The first half of this route is an unbroken succession of curves that do not allow high speeds; however, the landscape through which it travels is of great beauty.

In the event that you start from the Eastern Costa del Sol, instead of heading to the city of Málaga to take either of the two routes above, take instead the Autovia Mediterraneo (A-7 or N-340) and access, level with Velez Malaga, the A-335. About 14 kilometres away is the access to the A-356, which leads to Riogordo.


Málaga 40 km
Periana 15 km
Colmenar 6 km
Almáchar 26 km


Iglesia Square - Riogordo

Horno Street - Riogordo

Riogordo, Calle Virgen de Fátima

Riogordo Town Hall

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