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Ronda – Alameda del Tajo

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Alameda del Tajo, Ronda

At the end of the 18th Century, following the tastes of the Enlightenment society of the time and taking advantage of lands existing in front of the Convento de la Merced (the Convent of Mercy), it was decided to create a tree-lined promenades near the Tajo, the river-gorge that divides Ronda, although the Project could not be finished until 1806. At that time it was known as the Alameda de San Carlos.

During the middle of the 10th Century the Alameda was crossed by seven streets. In the later part there was a space created on the edge of the Tajo, the whole parapet being covered by balconies and adorned with busts of the royal family that no longer exist today. At the entrance stands a statue of Pedro Romero, the 18th Century bullfighter from Ronda who was the first to fight on foot..

Today the park is divided into five wide promenades separated by gardens, with the central promenade being the widest.

It is worth drawing attention to the extraordinary panoramic views that can be enjoyed from the numerous balconies, which form one of the favoured leisure activities both of the people of Ronda as well as visitors to the city. The Vicente Espinel Theatre is now located in the centre of the park.

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