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Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Archway of Philip V

Ronda Monuments

The Archway of Philip V – Ronda

Location: near the Old Bridge, the Arab Baths and the Church of Our Father Jesus, in the city of Ronda.

This probable substituted an earlier gateway from the Muslim period. The original gateway disappeared and this new one was constructed in the place known as the Moor´s Armchair. Thanks to a text engraved on a stone plaque found today close to the archway, but originally situated in the upper part of the construction, we know that it was built in 1742.

It consists of an archway of masonry with a trapezoidal top part finished with a small, curved fronton with a shield in the centre of one its two faces. It is topped with three pinnacles.

The Archway of Philip V - Ronda

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