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Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Bullring

Ronda Monuments

Ronda Bullring

This is one of the oldest in Spain and was constructed by the Real Cuerpo de la Maestranza de Caballeria de Ronda( the Royal Horse-Riding School). The bullring is also famous because it was one of the first arenas where the art of bullfighting was transformed into its current style. Francisco Romero invented the red cape and began a dynasty of matadors whose most celebrated example was Pedro Romero.

In 1769, the Town Council granted land to la Maestranza for the building the bullring. Work was started in 1780 and completed in 1785, the bullring being inaugurated in May of the same year.

The bullring forms a circle with lowered arches over elegant Tuscan columns. One of its outstanding features is the heavily-decorated Royal Box with is fluted columns. The ornate doorway is composed of a semicircular archway flanked by pilasters finished with two classical ledges sustaining the main balcony, which is lintel led and has the coat- of arms of the Royal Corps on the tympanum of its fronton. The doorway is decorated with a multitude of elements alluding to the world of bullfighting.

The last restoration was carried out in 1999. Ronda´ s Bullfighting Museum is located inside the building and in its arena the traditional Goyesque-style bullfights, of which one of the greatest exponents was the Maestro Antonio Ordoñez Araujo, are celebrated in the month of September.

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