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Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Casa del Rey Moro

Ronda Monuments

Casa del Rey Moro – Ronda

The Casa del Rey Moro is located in C/ Cuesta de Santo Domingo (street), between the Convent of Santo Domingo and the Palace of Marques de Salvatierra, in Ronda.

The Casa del Rey Moro is a monumental ensemble unique for its historical interest as a key location in the history of the Reconquest and in the defense of Ronda throughout the centuries.

It consist of three parts:

  • The Nasrid era Water Mine (one of the best conserved exemples in Spain).
  • The Neo-Mudejar style House, an amalgamation of of several 18th century homes conceived by the Duchess of Parcent (currently undergoing restoration).
  • The Garden, designed for the Duchess by Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier in 1912 (the French landscape architect´s first recognised work in Spain).

Forrestier´s Mediterranena-style garden combines elements of classic Hispano-Moorish garden design with the geometric layout of a French garden. It accommodates its outline to the solar strait in the uneven terrain in which it is found by means three terraces. Additionally, it exploits the site´s full potential by including scenic overlooks with views of the El Tajo gorge and the mountains.

The Water Mine is a complex feat of hydraulic engineering for military use; a vertical passageway carved into the wall of the gorge following the line of a natural crevice hidden within the walls of El Tajo. The tour of The Mine takes you on a unique journey down through its galleries to the bed of the River Guadalevín (some 60 meters / 200 feet below), a natural environment of great beauty.

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