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Monuments in Málaga

Ronda – Cave Church of Our Lady of la Cabeza

Monuments in Málaga

Cave Church of Our Lady of la Cabeza – Ronda

The Cave Church of Our Lady of la Cabeza is located just outside the city of Ronda.Cave Church of Our Lady of la Cabeza - Ronda

A Mozarabic church of the 9th-10th Century, it consists of an extremely original group of naves cut into the solid rock, in which two different areas can be distinguished, one for worshippers and the other for living quarters.

A greater part of the space, consisting of a main nave, sacristy and altar, is dedicated for worship. Under the altar there is a crypt which, due to its reduced size, was used more to those relies than for burying the dead.

The part used as a living area is divided into two sections, one of an elongated form including four rooms or cells, and the other, on the south, used as a living quarters or refuge.

It can be considered a suburban establishment, albeit, owing to its relative nearness to the city, it also attended to dwellers from the surrounding areas as well as the monastic community.

According to the remains of paintings still existing in its interior, its last period of use as a religious centre appears to have been throughout the 18th Century.

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