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Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Church of La Merced

Ronda Monuments

Church of La Merced – Ronda

In 1551, the Mercedarian Order moved to this location, founding a convent dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy, although it was not until 1585 that the church was built. Along with the vegetable garden, it is the only part still in existence.Iglesia de la Merced, Convento de la Merced de Ronda. De los bienes muebles que conserva la Iglesia de la Merced cabe mencionar el relicario de plata dorada con incrustaciones de piedras preciosas que contiene la mano incorrupta de Santa Teresa de Jesús, adscrita al siglo XVII. Destaca también la imagen de una dolorosa bajo la advocación de la Soledad (S. XIX) y lienzos sobre óleo del siglo XVII, entre los que debemos resaltar el que representa escenas de la vida de San Pedro Nolasco y cuya autoría se atribuye a Fray Agustín Leonardo (S. XVII).

After the convent was closed down in 1822, the building was used to house the African Regiment, passing into private hands in 1846 and undergoing profound reforms towards the end of the century.

Today it belongs to the Barefoot Carmelite community, who conserve the relic of one of Santa Teresa´s hands.

The church consists of three naves; in the widest, central one, covered by a tunnel vault with steadyrests and facias, a choir raised over the base of a segmental arch, and a transept covered with a semi-shperical dome over a high drum provided with small windows and balconies.

The church´s façade is of masonry and divided by rigid brick pilasters, the whole area being covered in whitewash. One salient feature is the stone doorway, with its semicircular arch. A tower, of octagonal shape and made of brick imitating masonry, rises from one of its sides.

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