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Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Church of Our Lady of Peace

Ronda Monuments

Church of Our Lady of Peace – Ronda

Church of Our Lady of Peace in Ronda

The Church of Our Lady of Peace was originally a hermitage constructed by alderman Francisco de Morales and his wife in the mid-16th Century and known both as la Vera Cruz and Hospital de la Sangre, although at the same time it took the name of San Juan de Letrán through its association with the parish created by the Catholic Monarchs, whose nearby parish church disappeared around that time, its furnishings being taken over to the new building.

Amongst the notable images taken was the Virgen de la Paz, the patron Saint of Ronda, which has been revered here for centuries, and from whom the church takes its present day name.

The buildings consists of a single nave covered by a Mudejar framework that, during the reforms of the 18th Century, was hidden by baroque vaults.

The statue of the Virgin is placed in a side-chapel within the apse and is decorated with golden, baroque plasterwork. The façade, belonging to the 16th Century, is covered with baroque decoration from the 18th Century, which is now completely restored. It is topped of with an angled belfry of a typically 18th-Century style.

Church of Our Lady of Peace in Ronda

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