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Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Convent of the Franciscan Order

Ronda Monuments

Convent of the Franciscan Order Ronda

Convent of the Franciscan Order – Ronda

Location: Barrio de San Francisco. Ronda

Its construction dates from 1664 and belongs to the Order of the Barefoot Franciscans. In the 19th Century, various reforms were carried out owing to the poor condition of the building. It was totally destroyed in 1936 and restored in 1945.

Its church consists of a single nave, roofed in the 18th Century with a tunned vault, with steadyrests and facias. Moorish features, such as the protruding heams that support the eaves of the roof, are visible on its exterior.

The simple stone façade contains semicircular arches supported by pilasters and topped off with pinnacles and the religious order´s coat of arms. The belfry is set at an angle and is made of brick, giving it a very baroque feel.

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