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Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Gateway of Almocabar

Ronda Monuments

Gateway of Almocabar – Ronda

The Gateway of Almocabar is located next to the Plaza Ruedo de Alameda (square), few meters from the Church of Espiritu Santo and the Convent of Franciscanas, in the San Francisco neghborhood of the city of Ronda.

This gateway takes its name from the Arabic World “Al-maqabir”, meaning the cementery, which was located nearly this area, outside of the city walls.

On its southern side the gateway gives access to the first walled area of the Moorish Ronda, including the High Quarter, known today as the Espíritu Santo district.

The entrance is situated between semicircular masonry towers and three successive arches: the two outer ones being horseshoe shaped and surrounded by supported by archivolts and Moorish decoration, and the central one of lancer design.

It was initially constructed of adobe around the 13th Century, being redressed in the 14th Century with the rough stone seen today. In the 16th Century, a frontal section of Renaissance style was added, the doorway of which can still be seen next to the Moorish entrance, after the restoration of this area undertaken in the year 1964.

Without any doubt this series of walls is the most outstanding feature of the entire area, an area which houses an extraordinary richness of its traditional architecture.

Gateway of Almocabar - Ronda

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