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Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Old Bridge

Ronda Monuments

Old Bridge – Ronda

Location: The bridge is located near the Barrio de Padre Jesús, between the Fountain of the Eight Spouts, the Church of Our Father Jesus and the Archway of Philip V.

This was the second of the city´s bridges up until the construction of the New Bridge in the 18th Century, thus its current name.

It was built in the 16th Century and not in the Moorish period, during which it was misleadingly called the “Roman Bridge”, although it could have originated then. The construction of the Old Bridge was motivated by similar reasons as the latest of the three, that is to say, to join the old Moorish settlement with the new quarter that had grown up around the Small Marketplace and that is now known as Padre Jesús, after the conquering of the city.

It is a single arch bridge made double brick rings. Nevertheless, and according to remains that can still be observed today close to its foundations, it seems likely that an earlier bridge was constructed at that same location during the same period.

The balconies adorning it today, as well as its parapet, are the result of its last restoration, which took place in the 60s of the last century.

Old Bridge - Ronda

Puente Viejo de Ronda, foto tomada desde el Puente Árabe o Romano de Ronda. Hace algunos años ha sido restaurado, transformándose totalmente los pretiles del siglo XVII que impedían la vista del Tajo al fondo por su altura y pavimentándolo de nuevo. Asimismo se abrieron cuatro balcones sobre el río para apreciar desde ellos las bellezas naturales del Tajo y el paisaje del fondo.

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