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Castles in Málaga, Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Ruins of the Alcazaba

Castles in Málaga, Ronda Monuments

Ruins of the Alcazaba – Ronda

Partially destroyed during the siege of Ronda in 1485 and, subsequently, by French troops in the Peninsular War (1812), the building suffered its most recent damage at the beginning of the 20th Century as a result f the widening of the Street of las Imágenes and the construction of the Castillo School.

What remains today still contains a large part of the original Moorish structure, although this has been obscured by redressing of its walls and subsequent building work. At first sight it appears to be a fortified construction of the 14th Century but in all likelihood its origins are far earlier. We know that it already existed in the 11th Century.

Its positioning gives it the greatest strategic importance in the whole of the city of Ronda, as it takes advantage of a rocky spur situated on the south, adapted with at least two lines of walls, of which the outer one can be seen. Inside, the castle itself was protected by a strong towered wall, the keep being situated in the easterly side facing the city.

The entire entrance to the city could be controlled from the Alcazaba and the two quarters, forming, along with the now disappeared Las Imágenes Gate, a practically unconquerable defensive system, vulnerable only to siege.

Ruins of the Alcazaba Ruinas de la Alcazaba de Ronda

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  1. Pedro Tonda MARTINEZ escribio:

    Cuatro años interno , arriba de esa rampa escalonada estaba el bar de los alumnos de sexto y en nivel superior hacia el norte, las gradas y el patio con las pistas de deporte pintadas sobre las lozas.
    Que años tan buenos, cuantos recuerdos.

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