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Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Santa Isabel de los Angeles Convent

Ronda Monuments

Convent of Santa Isabel de los Ángeles – Ronda

This convent, belonging to the nuns of the Order of St. Claire, under the Order of Saint Francis of Assis, was built in the 16th Century and subsequently enlarged.

It suffered considerable damage during the Spanish Civil War, although significant restoration has repaired much of this.

The most outstanding parts of this complex of buildings are the church and the portal of the convent, Convent of Santa Isabel de los Ángeles, Rondathe latter being of lintelled stone and possessing the shield of the Franciscan Order in the centre of ist lintel.

The church consists of a single nave with a roof formed by groined vaults that hide the previous Moorish framework, although this can still be observed in the upper part of the choir. The exception is found in the presbytery which is covered by a half-cupola. The church is accessed first through a small atrium by a stone doorway and a semicircular archway which hears the order´s shield upon its keystone, the latter being framed by two columns above which there is a niche crowned with pinnacles and protected by a Moorish tiled roof.

The tower is situated on the longest wing of the church. It has three sections, of which the first is built of stone and is topped with a hip roof.


Duquesa de Parcent Square, near de Town Hall in Ronda.

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