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Castles in Málaga, Ronda Monuments

Ronda – Walls of La Cijara

Castles in Málaga, Ronda Monuments

Walls of La Cijara – Ronda

The Walls of La Cijara are situated high up in the rocky plateau above the river Guadalevin, the Moorish settlement in Ronda, known as Hisn Runda, had to place its defences wherever the terrain allowed easy access. In order to achieve this they raised heavy fortifications, of which these walls formed a part.

Initially constructed of adobe and subsequently repaired (14th Century) with masonry of aligned stones, the were situated halfway between the wall of the Old Quarters, of which there still remain various towers and walls, and other internal defences hanging from the rock.

Between the two lines of defence, there was a military road which today forms a pleasant pathway crossing the Cijara Gate and leading us to the bridge, the Arab baths and the beautiful Padre Jesus district, an exquisite exponent of traditional, popular architecture.

They were subject to a considerable restoration in 1975.

Walls of La Cijara - Ronda

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