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Villages in Jaen


Villages in Jaen


Rus is a town that belongs to the region of La Loma y Las Villas and located in the geographical centre of Jaén, between extensive and fertile olive grove lands. In its municipal district we can observe the sanctuary of La Virgen de la Yedra.

According to some sources, Rus is the old “República Ruradensis” from 202, a period of the emperor Aurelio, although it is not ruled out that before there was an Iberian city centre.

From the Visigoth Age there are two important settlements in this municipal district, that is, two chapels or monasteries, the one of Valdecanales and the Cueva de la Vegilla. As well as these settlements, the appearance of descontextualized ceramics remains in the territory, allow us to think the existence of a population centre.

The town should fall into the hands of Fernando III at the same times like the rest of the region, at around 1226, although it does not appear quoted in the chronicles. After the conquest it belonged to La Orden de Calatrava. In the city centre it is kept a cylindrical large fortified tower that belongs to an old castle restores to the town of Baeza in 1440 in Juan II’s reign after being main character of the civil fights between the supporters of Álvaro de Luna and the ones of the nobles. It was dependent village of Baeza until 1628, being “separated and made free” with the privilege of the king Felipe IV

During the XVI and XVII centuries it was carried out the expansion of its urban area. Its formation started in the slopes of Eras del Moral, in the street of the Torres and in the area of Zacatín. In its streets we can observe several buildings with bars, balconies and shields of the XVIII and XIX centuries.

In 1886 Rus added its municipal district the town called El Mármol, an old lordship that belonged to Felipe II’s secretary, Juan Vázquez de Salazar y Molina.


Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción.

Archaeological Sites

Early Christian hypogeum of Valdecanales.
Town Planning

Urban area.

Rus Avenue.

Small Village of El Mármol.


Relleno de San Blas

Ingredients: Half a kilo of mince, a pork’s gut, half a dozen of eggs, breadcrumbs, grinded pepper, saffron, parsley, salt and pine kernels.

Way of doing it: In a container you have to put and batted the eggs. Then we knead all mixing the mince, the breadcrumbs, pine kernels, salt, pepper, parsley and crushed saffron. We stuff the gut with the previous dough. It is cooked in a meat stock and when all is cooked we have to cut it into pieces.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oils “D. Ruseño” y “Mojete” are elaborated in our olive cooperatives.

How to get there

You have to exit Jaén and continue in J-14. Then take the Motorway A-316 towards Mancha Real – Baeza – Úbeda. Alleyway of Puente Nuevo. Cross Baeza and continue in JV-3041. Cross La Yedra and take the road N-322. Then you get Rus.


To Jaén 56 km
To Linares 19 km
To Úbeda 11 km
To Baeza 7,5 km
To Vilches 38 km
To Arquillos 36 km
To Guarromán 31 km
To Sabiote 18 km
To Torreperogil 17 km
To Navas de San Juan 35 km

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