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Villages in Granada


Villages in Granada

Salar, Comarca de la Vega, Poniente Granadino

Salar is situated in the Comarca de la Vega, in what is now known Poniente Granadino (Western Granada.) Its main population centre sits in the depression formed by the Arroyo del Salar and is surrounded by hills with heights ranging between 540 and 930 metres.

Salar limits with the municipalities of Huétor-Tájar, Moraleda de Zafayona, Alhama de Granada and Loja.

According to tradition, the origin of the town was as an Arab fortress, later conquered by Hernan Perez del Pulgar, captain of the Christian armies that intervened in the War of Granada. The Catholic Monarchs appointed him mayor and entrusted him with the repopulation of the area.

The castle-fortress has been retained, very much reformed, and served as home, right up to the beginning of the century, to the Marquises of Salar.


El Bañuelo
Santa Ana Church
Cuevecilla Monea
Cruz de Marino (Cross)
Arab Turret (XIII century)
La Fuente Alta (Fountain)
Torre de la Gallina (tower)
Torreon de Los Tajos (Arab tower)
Palace House of Hernan Perez del Pulgar

Salar Gastronomy

Pipirrana or remojon
Marinated olives with herbs of la Sierra
Casserole ‘San Antón’.
Magdalenas, borrachuelos and hornazos are among local homemade sweets


Leaving Granada. Continue along: E-902 / A-44 heading to Armilla – Motril. Take the exit towards: Exit 125, A-92G, Malaga – Sevilla – N-432 – Cordoba – Airport. At the roundabout, take exit 3 Continue along: A-92G in the direction: N-432, Córdoba – Málaga – Sevilla – Airport. Pass Jardines del Caballo Blanco and Santa Fe. Follow Airport signs. Keep going towards Malaga and Sevilla. Pass near Fuensanta and Loreto. Take the exit towards: Exit 203 – Huétor – Tájar. Continue: GR-NO-16 and follow signs to Salar.

Distances from Salar

Loja 9.5 km
Granada 50 km
Algarinejo 42 km
Pinos Puente 41 km
Huétor Tájar 9.5 km
Ventas de Huelma 46 km
Moraleda de Zafayona 18 km
Villanueva de Mesia 15 km
Villanueva de Algaidas 46 km

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