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Villages in Sevilla


Villages in Sevilla


The town of Salteras is located in the western sector of the province of Sevilla, belonging to the region of Aljarafe.

The town sits on a small hill located at the northern end of the county.

The village is located in the path of the SE-510 road, which crosses from east to west the Aljarafe and connects this town with Valencina (the east) and Olivares and Albaida (the west). There is a ring road that runs through the northern part of town, with little urban development north of it.

There is a distinction between the traditional village, located in the central area of the town around the church, and new developments peripherals, most notably the presence of developments such as La Oliva (north west), La Alondra, La Dehesilla or Fuenblanca (east and northeast). These promotions are designed to accommodate single-family homes first or second residence for workers in the capital city.

The first known settlements date back to prehistoric times. The funeral inscribed pillars scattered in the streets of the town reveal the ancient occupation of these lands.
During the Roman period, we want to identify with the Roman settlement of Pesula.
In the period of Al-Andalus it was a farm without much importance to that was joining other towns.

Don Juan Federigi bought the place and repopulated it en the XVII century. In 1640, the king Juan II gave it jurisdictions and privileges.

Salteras Monuments

Church of Santa María de la Oliva
Chapel of La Virgen de la Oliva
Almazaras (Oil Mills)

Salteras Gastronomy

Chickpeas with cod (tomato, vinegar, pepper, onion, spices, bay leaf, oil, beans, cod). Fry eggs and thrushes.

How to get there

From Sevilla by the road: SE 510
From the road to Extremadura and Portugal by N 630 and 526 SE deviation
From Huelva by the A -92 taking the detour of Sanlucar la Mayor, and towards Olivares by the SE 513.

Distances from Salteras

Sevilla 13 km
Olivares 5 km
Umbrete 12 km
Sanlúcar la Mayor 11 km
Albaida del Aljarafe 5,5 km
Villanueva del Ariscal 7,5 km
Bollullos de la Mitación 15 km

Salteras Town Hall

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